Friends Come and Go Like Waves of the Ocean

Friendship is something that every person needs, but is it a long lasting one?

We meet every day different people, some are colleagues, some become friends, and some are just acquaintances. In our childhood we make friends but not many of us keep the friendship in an adult age and the same counts for school and college friends. Some good friends leave from our lives as if they have not existed at all, but others stay throughout the life.

So, how can we determine our real long-life friend? Follow reading, and find out some useful tips that will help you to find a true friendship.

Some Tips for True Friends

  1. A true friend sincerely likes you

This friend will like you no matter what, like for instance if your wear something ridiculous that particular day. He will for sure greet you and in some way adore you that you have worn something which is not according to conventional standards. He or she will not mind if you wear silly shoes or mismatching clothes and by all means will not get embarrassed if he is or she is in your company.

Therefore, if you have a friend that does not mind your real you, then this is a real friend for you. Have in mind that a true friend will not let you cross the red line and for sure will warn you if you went too far with being yourself.

  1.  A true friend is always there for you

We live in a hectic world with busy schedules and some of us have already established families, but if you are a true friend you will always find the time for a friend in need and vice versa. If your friend frequently cancels your meetings and has various excuses for cancelling your plans, then he or she is no longer a friend. You need to move on and find some other person that would like to hang out with you.

A true friend will always respect and love the things you do, no matter of your current financial status or family.

  1. A true friend will warn you of your mistakes

He or she will for sure tell you when you are full of it and this should not be taken with anger as your friend is always there, even when making mistakes. A true friend will warn you and even won’t let you do anything stupid. It is nothing personal; it is just a way of showing you that someone cares about you.

Hence, listen closely when a true friend gives you an advice as there is nothing malicious in it.

In this modern age it seems that it is very difficult to find a true friend although we are always in touch with many people on social nets. However, this is not a true friendship, and you should not settle for this.

This world can be very lonely if there is not an honest person beside you with whom you can share your thoughts and feelings. Do not be afraid of meeting new people as people can still amaze us with their kindness. Make sure never to run away from those people who wish you all the best even when scolding you for your mistakes as that is what real friends do. Make an effort to spend more time with the ones that check-up on you and see how you are doing.

Having fake friends can be really bad for you, plus you do not need someone to talk behind your back or to ignore you when you really need him or her.