Garlic Uses and Health Benefits

Garlic is known as one of the best medicines in the fight against flu and colds due to its strong antibacterial properties. But that is not the only use of the mighty garlic. Garlic with its many virtues has variety of uses, heals many illnesses and treats various cosmetic problems.


Although having strong smell, it will very well serve as a cosmetic preparation. If you have any pimple, cut a garlic clove in half and lubricate the pimple area and where it is needed.

Cold sore

Cold sore on the lips is one of the unfavorable phenomenon, however, with the help of garlic it can be quickly and inexpensively resolved. Cut the garlic clove it in half and place it directly on the cold sore for 10 minutes. Repeat this procedure 5 times a day till you get improvement.

Ear infection

Garlic helps in reducing the inflammation of the ear; the recipe for this is simple. Grind the garlic and let it soak in hot olive oil (1 tablespoon is enough). Wait till it gets cold and put a few drops in the ear.

Hair loss

Garlic improves the condition of your scalp. If your hair is falling out, cut a few garlic cloves in half and massage the scalp with every few days and let it operate for at least 10 minutes. Than wash your hair with your regular shampoo.


Consumption of garlic helps improve blood circulation in men, which makes men quickly ready for intercourse.

Cough syrup

Garlic works like an antibiotic and help in the fight against cough. Put chopped garlic in hot water, leave for 5 minutes to soak and then drink it. Garlic tea will relief the cough.