She Gave Her Husband 1 Tbsp of Coconut Oil Twice a Day for a Month. You Won`t Believe What Happened!

The most common health issues that affect people around the world are diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. In fact the number of patients is constantly increasing even though we might think this number should decrease due to the development of medicine. Some research studies suggest that by 2050 more than 15 million people will be diagnosed with Alzheimer disease.

One of the thorough researches done on Alzheimer’s disease was made by Dr. Mary T. Newport, a neonatal practitioner. Her research found that medium chain triglycerides are the best remedy for treatment and prevention of this disease. Also she discovered that coconut contains extreme amounts of this remedy.

Her husband, Steve, had progressive dementia and it was discovered when he was 54. The results of the screenings suggested that this disease will eventually turn into Alzheimer’s. This really struck him but he decided to continue fighting.

During the process he began to have problems with his memory and also he got extremely depressed. His wife actually revealed in her study that depression is serious indicator of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

This is what actually makes MCT so essential:

If your blood has insufficiency of glucose it will force the cells to use ketone bodies. Also your brain cells because they require special kind of fuel in order to perform the functions. The food that the brain needs is glucose or ketone bodies.

Here is what Alzheimer’s disease does to your body:

Having insulin resistance will prevent your brain cells to get the required fuel which is glucose. This causes your brain cells to die. This process actually develops 10-20 years before anyone can notice the symptoms. Some cells manage to find ketone bodies in order to survive. This process applies to patients who develop or suffer from Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis and ALS.

The only difference between these diseases is the different affected area of the brain or the spine.

MCT is metabolized differently by our bodies compared to other fats. The responsibility for converting these fats into ketone bodies and energy has the liver. If you use medium chain triglycerides it will lead to hyperketonemia which actually is increased level of ketone bodies in the blood. This is great alternative for your brain cells in order to remain fueled.

Dr. Newport also found that hyperketonemia is great booster for cerebral circulation of blood and she discovered that it actually increases circulation by 39%. Also it is reducing cognitive disorders which are related to hypoglycemia. Furthermore, her study revealed that coconut oil in fact contains 60% medium chain fatty acids which do not consist of cholesterol and it contains high amounts of omega-6 fats.

One of the best sources of MCT is breast milk and palm kernel. You should know that cow and goat milk actually contain lower amounts of triglycerides.

As time was passing, Steve continued to develop the diseases and Marry was anxious to find a solution and help her husband. She made a decision to use coconut oil as a treatment of her husband, which in fact she didn’t have any other alternative option. Marry was giving her husband 2 tablespoons of coconut oil every day during entire month and everyone was amazed by the results.

After two weeks they did test of Steve asking him to draw a clock. The results were amazing and he showed great improvements. As a result of this, Dr. Newport claims that using coconut oil can help people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease

Breast milk or palm kernel are also an excellent source of MCT. Cow and goat milk contain lower amounts of these triglycerides. Specialists state that some dairy products contain MCT as well.

Steve’s disease found a way to progress and Mary was desperate to find a solution that would help in relieving her husband’s issue. She chose to use the coconut treatment on Steve, which was actually the last option she was left with. Her husband was taking 2 tablespoons of coconut oil every day for a whole month. The results amazed everybody.

After just 2 weeks, Steve was asked to draw a clock, and he showed fantastic improvement. Today, Dr Newport claims that coconut oil can help every patient diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.