How to Get Rid of a Fish Bone Stuck in Your Throat

We all remember that during our childhood our mother has always cooked fish and have stressed out that bone might get stuck in our throat. Even though the stress of getting stuck bone in the throat was always present, she also knew the importance of eating fish due to the nutrients it contains. Before she gave us the fish she ensured that the fish is boneless.

There is no mother that didn’t have this fear knowing that it could lead to serious problems.

In fact, we all need to be careful in regards to eating fish, because if bone gets stuck in the throat it requires immediate action and it is best to remain calm.

Due to these reasons, we are going to present to you few simple tricks that will help you get rid of the uncomfortable feeling caused by the fishbone in the throat.

  1. Coughing

You will need to cough hard in order to expel the fishbone unless it is not too fixed in the throat. Also coughing hard is the natural response that usually protects us from factors that irritate the throat.

  1. Water and salt

You will need to immediately to drink a glass of water mixed with little salt. Drink big sips and expect that the water will drag the thorn downwards.

  1. Marshmallows

Marshmallows are consistent of spongy texture and chewing it could help you relieve the throat from fishbone. You will need to chew as many marshmallows as you can and swallow the sticky lump in order to drag the thorn down. Afterwards drink one glass of water.

  1. Rice

You will need to cook rice in the oven, and let it cool down. Consume it in order to drag the fishbone down. Make sure that you are swallowing big portion of rice at once.

  1. Olive oil

Olive oil is great for moving the fishbone down its path because it softens the throat.

  1. Banana

You will need to take a large piece of banana and swallow it, but before you do so hold it for few minutes in the mouth. After you have done so you will need to take a big sip of water. This fruit will provide enough pressure so the fishbone will be dragged downwards.

  1. Wet bread

You should take a piece of bread and soak it in oil, water, or milk. Swallow the piece all at once in order to remove the stuck bone. This is actually really old trick but also very effective because the bread is thick and easily removes the bone.

  1. Visit a doctor

If you have tried these methods and still can’t get rid of the fishbone, you will need to visit your doctor or specialist. Sometimes fishbone can cause injury in the throat that might lead to bleeding, so if you notice such occurrence make sure you pay a visit to your doctor.

Remember that you need to remain calm when such situation occur, and act conscientiously.