Give This Lemon Diet a Shot and Shed Those Extra Pounds in No Time!

According to numerous medical studies lemons or lemon water can substantially improve and stimulate the burning fat process. For that reason, it turns out that lemons can be the most efficient diet. In this article we shall present you a lemon diet which is very efficient in the melt down of all that unwanted fat.

Therefore, do not hesitate to try out this lemon diet as it is an outstanding one which if you follow you will manage to quickly lose weight, even two pounds a day.

Plus it is an incredible cleansing method and the experts refer to it as “the lemon cleansing”. It has the ability to efficiently eliminate all the buildup and harmful toxins from the body. Further on, it stimulates the metabolism and improves the work of the immune system. By using this diet you will feel energized and substantially refreshed.

This diet has other name as well, the “Beyonce’s diet” named after the popular singer. Namely, this famous star managed to lose 80 pounds after her pregnancy just by following the lemon diet.

RECIPE for the Lemon Diet

Required Ingredients:

  • Squeezed juice of 6 lemons
  • 8 cups of water
  • 10 mint leaves
  • Half a cup of honey
  • Some ice (not optional)

Method of Preparation:

The water needs to be warmed, not hot or boiling, specifically the temperature should be just over 60 degrees. Once you prepare the water in this way include the remaining ingredients. For two minutes stir all of the ingredients and after that remove the pan from heat.

Once the mixture cools off, store it in the fridge and let it stay for a couple of hours. After that, strain the mixture and you have prepared your slimming beverage.


This drink should be taken by a certain pattern, but do not forget to add the ice cube in every cup as the body uses extra energy to warm up the cold drinks or foods.

Here is the pattern:

  1. Before your breakfast, drink 1 glass of this lemon beverage. The breakfast meal should be consisted of a fruit salad.
  2. At 11 am, you are supposed to drink the second glass of this lemon drink, and consume some almonds as a snack.
  3. The lunch meal should be one boiled egg and a lettuce salad. The salad can be spiced only with olive oil and apple cider vinegar as they have the ability to burn fat as well.
  4. At 16 pm, you should drink another glass of the lemon drink and consume some fruit.
  5. The dinner meal is consisted of grilled chicken or fish and some seasonal salad.
  6. Two hours before going to bed, drink another glass of the lemon beverage.

Body Cleanse

If this is your goal, then you need to consume the whole amount of the lemon drink during the day. You need to consume the lemon drink in this way minimum five days, and during this period of time you should not consume any processed foods or any kind of junk food.

Use this diet to lose weight efficiently and swiftly. In only one week of its use you will be astounded by the incredible results.