Good News: Scientists Found a Plant That Can Kill Cancer Cells in Just 16 Hours!! Spread The Info!!

According to a study published in “Life Science”, the derivative of Sweet wormwood plant– artemisinin can kill 98% of breast cancer cells within16 hours.

Some statistics claim that this plant reduces 28% of breast cancer cells. Once combined with iron, it can completely eliminate cancer, and what is most important it does not damage the healthy cells present in the breast.

Previously artemisinin was used as a powerful antimalarial agent, but today thanks to this study benefits against cancer were revealed as well. In this study, the participants were given iron which usually concentrates in the breast tissue or cells infected by cancer. Conclusively, artemisinin attacks the bad cells and leaves the healthy ones unharmed.

Furthermore, iron accumulates cancer cells with specific receptors help in cell division, and cancer cells have large quantities of these receptors. Thankfully the healthy cells have less receptors than the cancer cells, and because of that the mix of iron and artemisinin becomes so powerful in the fight against cancer.
Many experiments have already proven that artemisinin can effectively eliminate this deadly disease in the presence of iron.

Chinese medicine traditionally has used its extract in the fight against malaria. The parasites cannot survive in the presence of this extract since it is packed with iron.

This fact was confirmed by the bioengineers Henry Lai and Narendra Singh at the University of Washington, revealing that cancerous cells self-destruct, and the process in which cancer cells are killed is also called apoptosis.

Sadly this extract is not easily available as it is very expensive. However many people have shown great interest in this plant therefore the price could become more reachable. Namely, the French drug producer “Sanofi”plans to produce 50 to 60 tons of Artemisinin every year, hoping to meet the high demand of this plant worldwide.