Goodbye Dental Implants, Grow Your Own Teeth in Just 9 Weeks

If you are having a dental gap then you always visit your dentist to place dental implants so that the gap is filled up.

However, it seems that this procedure will soon end as there is a miraculous discovery which will replace the usual dentures and dental implants.

Thanks to this new technology the human body can initiate dental growth in the mouth. It seems unbelievable, but Dr. Jeremy Mao from Columbia University succeeded in making teeth to grow straight from stem cells and DNA in the body.

This is an amazing discovery for the dental community and above all for the people who greatly suffer from dental issues. This new amazing technology will save you from the extremely painful process of having your teeth pulled out. As a matter of fact, it will guarantee you new teeth in 9 weeks.

Here below is the video:

You must wonder how it is done; your missing tooth is being replaced with stem cells, from your own body, and the tooth will merge with the surrounding tissue.

It is as simple as that! It will substantially increase the regeneration process and hence resulting in fast recovery.

This technique will offer great relief for many people, and the society will highly benefit from it. However, it is still being thoroughly examined and is not endorsed for public use yet.