Goose Saves Shivering Puppy by Warming Him Up Under Her Wings

The technology has reached its peak after the 21st century and it will still progress rapidly making our life better, but does it always. It is for sure that we find it convenient the ability to buy everything we need online without even leaving the room in which we stay in or work. We can talk more with the people abroad and be in contact with the close ones thanks to the digital devices without being physically present.

Yet, nothing can replace the talks face-to face and the human touch where we can show our true selves, our kindness and gratitude. The greatest joy that a person feels is when he or she is able to help someone in need and that has been forgotten lately.

Here it is what an old Chinese proverb says about happiness and fulfillment in life:

If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.”

The animal world has not forgotten the true values of life and even though their world is based on cruelty and pure survival animals never stop to amaze us. In some ways they are even better than humans in offering help to other animals. The story about a goose protecting a shivering puppy from the cold is really amazing. You will see in the presented photos how a goose warms up the puppy with its wings, and with its beak pets the little puppy so that it can sleep comfortably under its warm, wings. This picture will for sure melt your heart.

Naturally not all animals are friendly and compassionate, but some of them are epitome of good friendship like the geese. Geese can easily develop a friendship with other species and are very friendly with the humans developing a dog-bond and thus following you everywhere you go. So, there is no wonder in how this goose protected the cute puppy.

Dogs also have this ability to connect with other animals and as well as can develop a strong bond with a human being of which we are all aware of it.

Just in the case of animals there is no hidden benefit from this relationship it is just the desire of having the company of the other animal.

Check the pictures below and see for yourself this sweet act of the goose protecting and warming up the little puppy.