Grocery Store Goes Viral After Giving Elderly Free ‘Coronavirus Packs’

The coronaviris is spreading really fast all over the world and in these dark times our humanity is put to a test. Fortunately, there are still people who amaze us with their solidarity and they are the true heroes of these modern times.

Despite all the uncertainty and fear that is felt there are still people who show their compassionate humane side, and chose to help the ones in need. One shop from Edinburgh did something amazing for the most fragile group of people at the moment, the elderly.

Grocery Store Goes Viral After Giving Elderly Free ‘Coronavirus Packs’

Day-Today Drylaw Local donates ‘coronavirus packs’ to the elderly

The story of this convenience store went viral after people reported their donations of “coronavirus packs” to the older generation. These packs have in their content one toilet roll, an antibacterial hand wash, one packet of pocket tissues and a packet of paracetamol.

The Edinburgh Day-Today Drylaw Local announced on social media that they will give away for free “coronavirus packs” listing its content. Any local resident that is over 65 can have one, and for the ones that cannot leave their homes, the staff will deliver it to them for free.

The owner of this shop is Zahid Iqbal, 34, who got the idea while shopping with his parents in a local supermarket so that they can have enough groceries during the pandemic. The panic that was going on was incredible leaving the elderly confused and unable to buy the needed goods.

He said:

All the youngsters are picking stuff up and the older ones are being left out. We have lots of customers from the local care homes, as well as disabled customers, who can’t get hand sanitizers, loo rolls or anything at all.

We just want to set a good example in this world.”

This initiative has cost his business up to now £5000, but he believes that his loyal customers deserve every penny. He says “money can be made in the future”, but “the satisfaction you get helping people out is just amazing.”

This rare act of generosity was welcomed by so many people and many of them thanked him and his staff for their compassion and care.

One of the comments of the people was:

 “Absolutely amazing thing to do, I hope people will remember the people and businesses that stood up and done what they could regardless of the cost for the people who needed it most.”.

The UK Government plans to implement stricter measures in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which at the moment we are all experiencing them. But, they are for our good and well-being as this virus can affect anyone no matter of the race, gender, or social status.

In these times we need to show our solidarity and humanity as after all that is what makes us better human beings.