Hair Dyes are 98% Carcinogenic! Get Rid of Them and Replace Them With Natural and Healthy Solutions

English scientists have warned all women who use hair dyes. Indeed, most hair dyes contain many chemicals that turn out to be very carcinogenic.

Whether it is the coloring kits or the permanent dyes that one can find in hairdressing salons, they are actually a real danger for the hair but especially for the health.

Hair dyes: a real danger to your health

A team of researchers from Green chemical in Leeds carried out studies as well as research on the composition of these hair dyes. In fact, the presence of toxic substances would be linked to the development of cancer.

Moreover, according to this study, a simple exhaust of gas or cigarette smoke could generate a toxic and chemical reaction with the hair coloring.

In addition, this could cause many allergic reactions which can be very dangerous to the health.

Coffee: A natural hair dye

Really, as strange as it seems the coffee and especially the strong organic coffee can dye the hair.

To do this, simply boil some coffee and let it cool. Apply the mixture along the length of your hair and leave it for an hour. Then just wash your hair and admire this pretty chocolate color.