Only a Handful of These Seeds Kill Cancer Cells Better Than Chemotherapy: Consume Them Daily to Prevent Cancer and Fight Many More Diseases!

Apricots are abundant with vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, copper, and dietary fiber. However, the most important ingredient that apricots contain is laetrile or vitamin B 17.You must have heard that apricot seeds can kill cancer cells, but the question pops up if these seeds can do harm to the health of the patients.

The renowned biochemist Dr. Ernst Krebb in 1952 proved that cancer is a metabolic reaction to a poor diet, and as a result of which cancer can be developed. He conducted a research about a compound known as Amygdalin, which is traced in more than 1200 edible plants. This compound is highly contained in the apricot seed kernels which are also rich in essential enzymes. Amygdalin is actually a nitriloside similar to the B complex structures, and for that reason it is called B17.

Dr. Krebb even injected laetrile to himself to prove that there aren’t any side effects. He continued with the experiments and proved that laetrile can provide additional effects in the case of cancer.

Apricot seed kernels were used traditionally by the primitive tribe Hunzas who were actually consuming large quantities of the seeds which gave to them longevity and healthy life spans. Likewise, they have never suffered from the deadly disease cancer.

The laetrile is not patented as it is a natural product not chemically developed in a lab, and for that reason it is not massively manufactured. Therefore, the Big Pharma and the AMA cannot make a profit out of this substance. However, cancer patients have found out about this miraculous substance and they use it by chewing large amounts of it. The apricot seeds are the bitter tasting kernels inside the pits.


What is amygdalin and how does it work?

Amygdalin is consisted of 4 substances:

  • 2 are glucose,
  • 1 is cyanide,
  • Benzaldehyd

Benzaldehyde and cyanide are poisonous but only if released as pure particles, but when bound to another particle they are safe. Rhodanese,theenzyme in cells, captures the free cyanide molecules and combines them with sulfur, so that they are harmless. The cyanide is changed into a neutral substance calledcyanate that travels through the urine, without damaging the normal cells. Unfortunately, the cancer cells are not normal cells as they have the enzymebeta-glucosidase, that no other cell possesses, considered as “unlocking enzyme” for amygdalin molecules.Amygdalin or laetrile in combination with the unlocking enzymes in cancer cells and the protective enzymes in healthy cells can kill cancer cells without damaging the healthy cells.

However, this is not the case with the standard cancer treatment chemotherapywhere not only the cancer cells, but also the healthy ones are killed which in turn weakens already poor health of cancer patients. Moreover, with this therapy the cancer cells can occur somewhere else in the body, and the disease may reoccur once again.

Therefore, cancer patients can consume a significant amount of B17 on a daily basis by which the amygdalin can reach the cancer cells with beta-glucosidase, as the normal cells that contain rhodanese will neutralize a few of the amygdalin particles.

The patients that solely used laetrile for cancer treatment they had 85% successful treatment contrary to patients who underwent the standard AMA: surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, and used the laetrile treatment after the standard medicine, had a 15% recovery rate. However, a center in Mexico claims a 100% successful cancer treatment.

Laetrile Treatment

There are many individuals who successfully treated cancer by using laetrile or apricot pit kernels. If you want to prevent yourself from this deadly disease consume 5 to 7 seeds on a daily basis, and if you are already a cancer patient consume the same amount but 2 to 3 times a day. However, the consumption of apricot pit kernels in large quantities can cause dizziness or nausea, but in order to minimize these symptoms you can take vitamin B15 tablets and enzymes like pineapple’s bromelain and papaya’s papain. It is recommended while usingapricot pills or taking laetrile to combine other alternative cancer therapies.

Namely, with the laetrile use, Gerson’s cancer treatment can be included which is a juicing protocol with the right kind of juice, and also using coffee enemas to detox the liver. This is an incredible healthy combination with which you will be extremely satisfied.