This is What Happens to Belly Fat and Blood Sugar When You Eat 2 Tbsp of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the foods that you could legitimately call it a “superfood.” Coconut oil is also one of the most controversial foods on the market today.

Coconut oil can be useful in the kitchen for preparing dishes, but it can also be useful for body and beauty care. Thus, this article is about the advantages of coconut oil.

Benefits of super magic coconut oil

Coconut oil has many benefits to the health and human welfare. But it is a fact that it is subject to some controversy. These polemics suggests that coconut oil may represent potential health hazard.

The reasons for criticism of the coconut oil are diverse. For some, coconut oil can lead to heart disease because of saturated fat it contains. For others, it is a high-calorie food, and presents a threat and obstacle to weight loss.

But the true is opposite, coconut oil contains saturated fat, but healthy. It is safe for the heart, because triglycerides which constitute it are easily and quickly burned through metabolism. Instead harming the health, coconut oil is rather a true ally of human wellbeing.

Here are 3 reasons to convince you to adopt coconut oil in your diet

  1. Coconut oil helps weight loss

Even if 1 tablespoon of coconut oil contains 120 calories, these 120 calories do not act the same way in the body, for example, as 120 calories of canola oil.

The different types of foods we eat can have a significant effect on our hormones and our metabolic health. Coconut oil provides more heat (thermogenic) than other foods and other fats. This means that if you eat it, it tends to increase energy expenditure. In other words, by eating more coconut oil you burn more calories.

To lose weight, two things must happen:

First, you need to be in caloric deficit, which does not necessarily mean you have to eat fewer calories and exercise more. This means that you need to eat foods that boost your metabolism, so that you BOTH nourish your body and prepare the ground to release the trapped fat that will be burned by your muscles.

The second thing needed to lose weight without effort is hormonal balance. This involves maintaining healthy organs, especially your liver and your thyroid. Coconut oil not only helps your body burn MORE calories than it ingests (assuming you eat high quality food), but it protects your liver, so that your thyroid can operate at a high level.

So eat coconut oil to lose weight.

  1. Coconut oil is PRO health because it is ANTI-everything

You’ve probably read about the anti-inflammatory foods and how they help reduce the production of free radicals in the body, keeping your healthy cells by preventing or slowing down the oxidative stress and its effects.

Well, coconut oil is not only on the top of the list of anti-inflammatory foods, but has other healing superpowers:

  • Anti-bacterial effect – it kills the bacteria that cause gum disease, infections of the throat, infections and ulcers of the urinary tract.
  • Anti-cancer effect – it prevents the dangerous cancer cells from spreading while stimulating immunity.
  • Antifungal effect – It destroys fungi and yeasts causing infections.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect – It removes tissue inflammation and repairs it.
  • Antimicrobial effect – It inactivates harmful germs and fights against infection.
  • Antioxidant effect – It protects against free radical damage.
  • Anti-virus effect – kills parasites, protozoa, viruses, rids the body of lice, worms and other parasites, kills colon protozoal infections, kills viruses that cause influenza, measles, hepatitis and other diseases.

Imagine how your health, immunity, and your ability to burn fat increases if you choose to eat only TWO tablespoons of this super food!

  1. Coconut oil stabilizes blood sugar and insulin levels

It may seem strange that coconut oil, a grease, can help control blood sugar and insulin levels, since coconut oil has no direct impact on blood sugar levels.

Doctors and nutritionists usually recommend diabetics to follow a diet low in fat, refined sugar and high in other complex carbohydrates. They must have overlooked the fact that coconut oil helps glucose enter your cells, and reduces insulin levels in the blood.

Or, they have overlooked the fact that it is important to eat balanced meals that include all types of food, and this is particularly important to choose high-quality fats like coconut oil.

But the magic of coconut oil lies in its indirect effects

The healthy fat in coconut oil plays a vital role in blood sugar regulation: it slows the digestive process to ensure a stable and balanced flow of energy from your food by reducing the overall glycemic index of your meal. When you add coconut oil to a meal containing carbohydrates, carbohydrates are broken down into glucose more slowly so that sugar levels in the blood remain stable even after the meal.

Coconut oil consists of medium chain fatty acids (MCT), unlike modern vegetable oils such as soybean oil, corn oil, rapeseed oil which are formed from long chain fatty acids, for most.

Here is the key concept: the oils that consist mainly of long-chain fatty acids can actually reduce the ability of cells to absorb blood sugar, which can cause or exacerbate insulin resistance and lead to diabetes.

Healthy cells use glucose, unhealthy cells do not.