This is What Happens if You Hold the Hands in This Positions!

We are living in ahectic world leading hectic life, therefore experiencing aches and pains has become a normal thing. In order to soothe the ongoing pain in our body and mind most of us turn to painkillers and medications, however they show many negative side effects. For that reason, people are trying the alternative ways like practicing yoga, meditation, and acupuncture. All of these are helpful ways of solving your painful issue, but there is another method of which many people have not heard of it.

Mudra hand gestures

This method comes from India that stimulates various parts of the mind and body thus relieving aches and pains. It incorporates 8 hand gestures which are powerful if they are used on regular basis. Here are the gestures:


This hand gesture is very beneficial when you feel down. Thanks to the use of this method it increases the air element and eliminates laziness, and as well as elevates creative thinking and enthusiasm.


This gesture lowers anxiety and decreases the air element. It is a perfect solution for solving this issue as anxiety has become immensely more present in our daily lives and we need to remove it completely.


This hand gesture elevates the space element. It aids in alleviating congestive issues, fear, rage, and sadness.


It decreases the space element and soothes ear pain.


This gesture would be ideal for sore muscles and solving tiredness. In fact, it increases the earth element and decreases the fire element.


This hand gesture acts oppositely from the previous gesture. It lowers the earth element and elevates the fire element. Therefore, it is perfect for people suffering from thyroid gland malfunction.


This gesture increases the water element. It decreases the pain in the joints, arthritis, and cramps.


This hand gesture helps in watery eyes, runny nose and excessive perspiration. It lowers the water element.

These gestures can be performed anywhere, and we strongly recommend you to try them out as you can gain plenty of them.

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