Some Headaches Reveal Presence of a Very Serious Disease! Here’s How to Recognize Dangerous Headaches…

Some of the common causes of headaches are usually fatigue, stress, lack of sleep or the presence of a disease that can prove to be serious like a tumor.

Often many of us who have a headache consider this as something normal but it sometimes happens that this can reveal the presence of a serious problem. Some headaches may reveal the presence of a serious disorder, so do not hesitate to see a doctor

What is a headache?

There are different types of headaches telling us that something is wrong in our body. Most of them are mild but some can be very serious and one must seek medical attention immediately.

A headache is usually manifested by the presence of pain and tingling at different locations of the head.

However it is important to know the difference between a normal headache and a headache that could reveal a presence of hemorrhage.

Here’s how to distinguish headaches

Very often a headache is absolutely not dangerous and usually reflects a lack of sleep.

However if it turns out to be very painful, and you are victim of loss of balance, have difficulty talking, watching, or numbness then it is possible that this is a precursor to the arrival of a heart attack.

Here is a list of different types of headaches

Wake-up headaches: You should be worried of this kind of headaches especially if it is accompanied by vomiting as this could reveal the presence of a brain tumor.

Headaches after injury: Be very careful if you have a headache after undergoing physical shock, you will need to see a doctor immediately.

Thunderclap headaches: Beware of this type of headache because it only lasts a few minutes, however, the intensity is very strong. This is often the sign of the presence of a brain hemorrhage.

It is very important to pay attention to signs such as difficulty in watching, talking, remembering, imbalance, or an inability to move. If you develop an unusual headache please seek immediate medical advice.