Health Benefits of Coconut Oil That Everyone Should Know!

The use of coconut has become extremely popular nowadays as it has been shown that it offers many health benefits. All products of coconut are widely used like coconut flour, coconut milk and coconut oil. Nonetheless, the coconut oil is believed to be the best product from coconut. Mostly, because it contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are healthy fatty acids also present in milk and yogurt.

They are considered healthy because they are quickly processed in the body and as well as used as energy, not being stored like the rest of the fats. The coconut oil has in its content lauric and caprylic acid, which are great for the treatment of viruses and bacteria. Likewise, it is high in minerals and vitamins; therefore you will not make a mistake if you add it into your diet as it will provide you with remarkable health benefits.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

  1. Soothes allergies and deals with sinus infections
    You can achieve this only by applying a little bit of coconut oil in the nose. The coconut oil becomes a powerful and efficient antibiotic once it gets absorbed. Likewise, it can be utilized in oil pulling and as a nasal rinse. For the purpose of nasal rinse, you have to mix it with some purified water and sea salt or baking soda.
  2. Treats yeast infections
    Thanks to the content of the lauric and caprylic acid, the coconut oil is extremely helpful in the treatment of yeast infections. Likewise, the content of the medium-chain fatty acids is beneficial for the elimination of bacteria, viruses and yeast. A well-known naturopathic physician and president of the Coconut Research Center, Dr. Bruce Fife recommends a daily consumption of 3.5 tablespoons of coconut oil to people who are prone to yeast infections.
  3. Promotes the function of the thyroid
    The imbalance of the thyroid results from the present inflammation in the body and due to the immune system problems. If the body experiences problems with the thyroid then many health issues can occur. They can be prevented by the use of coconut oil as it is beneficial for the regulation of the immune system and in reducing the inflammation in the body. The coconut oil also helps in balancing the function of the thyroid. The thyroid will function accordingly if you consume coconut oil on regular basis combined with a healthy diet and exercise.
  4. Relieves eczema and other skin conditions
    The National Eczema Foundation website released an article which stated that the organic virgin coconut oil can successfully deal with eczema and other skin concerns in children and adults. The coconut oil is one hundred percent natural showing no side effects and it is also easily applied. Just rub a little of it on your skin.
  5. Boosts metabolism
    Enhance your metabolism by incorporating the MCTs into your diet. Namely, the non-hydrogenated coconut oil can elevate the level of fat burned in the body, and because of that you need to consume fat so that you lose fat.
  6. Eases constipation
    Coconut oil is rich in fiber which is vital for alleviating constipation. For that reason, mix half a teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil in an 8-ounce glass of natural fruit juice. Drink this solution half an hour prior your meals, which means 3 to 4 times during the day.
  7. Fights acne
    Acne occur due to bacterial infections in the skin glands which are getting irritated thereby causing the red facial swelling. The coconut oil is a potent antibiotic with anti-inflammatory properties which when applied on the affected area with acne will efficiently remove them. It can be taken either orally or applied topically.
  8. Raises sun tolerance and acts as prevention to sunburns
    You may have not known this that what you consume can affect on the chances of getting sunburns. Diet rich with healthy fats provides better sun tolerance. For that reason, we advise you to drink a cup of organic tea with some coconut oil every day to increase the intake of the MCTs and in that way rejuvenating your skin, which will effectively prevent the sunburns.

These were some of the benefits that the coconut oil can offer to the body; therefore do not hesitate to use it in your daily diet. You can replace the butter or olive oil with coconut oil in cooking and baking.