Here’s How to Get Rid of This Bacteria that Causes Bloating, Heartburn, Reflux, Diarrhea and Other Symptoms

If you suffer from a persistent stomach pain, then continue to read this article and find out more about the things that concern you. Namely, stomach pain in most cases is triggered by bacteria called Pylori. According to a discovery made in 1982 Pylori (Helicobacter Pylori) is the main culprit for most stomach pains and ulcers. This bacterium causes all these medical conditions by entering into your body and thriving in your gastrointestinal system. As time passes, it will trigger an occurrence of ulcers causing excruciating pain. These ulcers are actually sores placed around the lining of your stomach.

If up to now you haven’t been familiar with this bacterium believe us you are not the only one as lot of people do not know that this bacteria is the main cause for their devastating pain and troublesome impacts. However, it is rather common condition triggered by this specific bacterium. Statistically H. Pylori affects about 2/3 of the population around the world. Slowly but surely, this bacterium will tear down the lining of your stomach. Eventually it will diminish your stomach lining, letting acid through the lining. Moreover, it can cause bleeding, infections, or impede proper movement of food through the digestive tract. You can be infected by this bacterium from water, food, or silverware. If you suffer from intense consistent stomach pains, then this will make you an ideal host for this malicious bacterium.

We all experience stomach pain from time to time, however if it is very intense and constant then you need to ask an advice from your physician regarding this ongoing issue. There are many prescribed medications which can solve this issue, but always first try the natural ones. In this article we will show you some natural solutions that can treat H. Pylori.

  1. Probiotics

    Probiotics have proven to be very helpful especially when triple therapy is used showing higher success rate in treating the H. pylori. Likewise, it showed lesser negative side effects. As a matter a fact, it turned out to be very helpful for people who have already gone through the antibiotic coursewhich did not show any positive results.

  2. Raw Honey

    Manuka honey has proven to be very successful in the fight against this bacterium which was confirmed by many performed researches. It efficiently eliminated all the infesting bacteria in the stomach. Use: consume 1 teaspoon of Manuka honey put on a piece of toast 3 times a day.

  3. Cranberry Juice

    This juice has also proven to be very effective against this bacterium. Namely, a clinical study performed on humans in China tested the effects of cranberry juice on H. pylori. It actually reduced the infection by 14%.

  4. Other Natural Treatments

    Nature has given many solutions like organic licorice which is a traditional ulcer treatment in India, and China, and as well as efficient treatment for H. pylori. Likewise, green tea and red wine have proved to be very effective in the treatment against this bacterium. They contain antibacterial qualities that eliminate H. Pylori.


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