Here’s What Happens To Your Body When You Drink A Shot Of Pickle Juice Every Day For A 1 Week!

Drink pickle juice, this may sound strange to you, but when you read about all its amazing benefits you will start to use it as well. If you are a runner, then you have heard about the benefits of pickle juice because this liquid is given to all runners in a tiny bottle.

Pickle juice offers great exercise benefits, and it is much better choice than the heavily advertised sports drinks. These beverages are high in sugar meaning high in calories, so if you exercise in order to lose weight, make sure to replace sports drinks with pickle juice.

The brine in which the pickles stay is consisted of water, salt, and vinegar, and most importantly no fats.

Follow reading, and find out what pickle juice can offer to your body.

Benefits of the Consumption of Pickle Juice

  1. Relieves Muscle Cramps

Pickle juice has the ability to relive muscle cramps; in fact it can inhibit electrically induced muscle cramps as per a released study in Medicine & Science and in Sports & Exercise.

  1. Hydration

This juice will help you to stay properly hydrated during workouts. While exercising the body loses sodium and potassium, on the other hand the pickle juice has these electrolytes needed for the body thus keeping it in good shape while extensive workout.

  1. Weight Loss

As mentioned before pickle juice contains plenty of vinegar which according to a study in Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, helps in the weight loss process especially if it is consumed on daily basis.

  1. Plenty of anti-oxidants

 Pickle juice contains a lot of anti-oxidants, which can fight the harmful free radicals. In fact, the cucumbers (which pickles are made of) have in their content vitamin A and vitamin E, which are potent anti-oxidants.

  1. Gut health

Pickles juice is a fermented food which is highly beneficial for the gastrointestinal system hence substantially boosting the gut health.

  1. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

According to a study published in the Journal of Diabetes Research the consumption of vinegar prior a meal can help in the regulation of high blood sugar levels after the taken meal in people with type 2 diabetes.

  1. Bad breath

Thanks to the content of vinegar in pickle juice you can prevent the occurrence of foul breath.

Ways of Consuming Pickle Juice

There are so many ways of including pickle juice into your diet and people all around the world have created so many food and drink products with pickle juice. However, in this article we shall show a way that one of our readers has already tried and that is drinking a shot of pickle juice once a day.

Here is her experience:

Consuming Pickle Juice for One Week

Day 1 of Pickle Juice

In the first day you may become hesitant of its use, but do not get reluctant just take that one shot of pickle juice. You will see that it does not taste bad at all, it is strong, but a little bit salty and not too acidic considering the fact that it contains plenty of vinegar in it.

Day 2 of Pickle Juice

On the second day of taking pickle juice, our reader experienced some period cramps, so she thought that this shot will help you with this issue since pickle juice is known for relieving muscle cramps. She states that by the end of the day her stomach cramps were gone, she cannot say for sure whether the pickle juice was the one that helped her or they were gone by themselves. Nevertheless, she felt much better relieved from those annoying period cramps.

Day 3 of Pickle Juice

She continued taking her shot of pickle juice, and on this day she was visiting her barre class, and after finishing her class she expected those usual muscle cramps. Her barre class was difficult as always so having sore muscles was a normal thing for her, but they did not appear.

Day 4 of Pickle Juice

On this day she was still waiting for the muscle cramps from the barre class, but there weren’t any. She was so glad that she did not experience the soreness of her barre class so that she completely forgot to take the shot of pickle juice at her normal time. She drank it at the end of the day, but according to her that made no difference at all.

Day 5 of Pickle Juice

On this day there were still no cramps from the barre class, and she was amazed by the results of the pickle juice consumption. And as days went by she felt it a normal thing to drink this shot of pickle juice in the morning.

Day 6 of Pickle Juice

On the sixth day of pickle juice consumption she was staying with her boyfriend at her own home. Her boyfriend did not like the look from the pickle juice, but still she drank it in the morning. However, when she kissed him he did not complain about any smell, in fact the pickle juice refreshed her breath.

Day 7 of Pickle Juice

This was her last day of drinking pickle juice, and she confirmed that the pickle juice really works. She concluded that it is not such a bad thing to drink this juice, but she more preferred the consumption of her favorite snacks, pickles.

Results of the Pickle Juice Consumption

Our reader cannot for sure state that the consumption of pickle juice in one week has helped her in the regulation of her blood sugar levels, in the battle against free-radicals, or in the weight loss process; however, it helped her with the muscle cramps and bad breath. But, she could state that this is in what mostly helped her juice. For that reason she decided never to have a sports drink anymore.

She would for sure recommend the pickle juice to a friend of hers as it showed great results for her when muscle cramps and soreness were concerned. She advises its use even to the persons who do not like pickles because the benefits that they will gain are incredible, and there aren’t any side effects of this consumption.

She confirms that she will use this juice mainly as a pre- or post-workout beverage as this showed for her positive results, there may be other positive effects but in order to confirm this she needs to perform additional testing.