Here’s How to Identify Rice That Contains Plastic

China is the biggest producer of rice in the world. This country produces more than 200 million tons of rice every year, and most of it gets exported all around the world.

The problem with Chinese agriculture is the fact that they are using lots of pesticides. According to The Korea Times they started to produce artificial rice, but still in small amounts.

The production of it is made with mixture of plastic, potato starch and kernels that are shaped like rice. Afterward they add the aroma of rice. Professors and doctors are claiming that if you consume 3 portions of this rice it will equal the same as you have eaten one plastic bag.

Do not worry, this article will provide you with enough information in order to know how check your rice whether it contains plastic or not.

  1. Use water for test

You should fill one cup with water and add 1 tablespoon of rice in it. In case the rice stays at the top of the water you should know it contains plastic, if it sinks it is good for use.

  1. Use fire test

You should burn small amount of rice. In case it burns immediately and smells like plastic you will know it contains plastic.

  1. Mortar and pestle test

Use mortar and pestle to crush small amount of rice. When doing so, it supposed to become white starchy powder. But if it turns a bit light yellow you will know it contains plastic.

  1. Mold rice test

First you will need to cook some rice. Use airtight container and place the rice in it. Leave it for few days in warm location. Check whether the rice is musty after few days, and in case it is mold free then you will know it contains plastic.

We really hope these test methods will help you!