Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Give This Ketchup to Your Children! This Brand is Well Known and Yet it’s So Devastating …

You necessarily know the famous brand of ketchup “Heinz”. Yet, although the sauce is delicious, it could be very bad for the body. Our children love it and some of us also, however, some countries like Israel, have banned the brand. What was the reason?! This ketchup is dangerous!

Fortunately, many people are becoming increasingly aware that the sauces are bad for the body, and also try their best to consume organic.

In this article we invite you to discover the reasons that will lead you to never buy this kind of ketchup:

1.Very poor in nutrients

You thought that ketchup is made from tomatoes, no, no! In reality, there would be a minute quantity of tomatoes; however the sauce is very rich in sugar and chemicals.

2. Warning it contains mercury

The brand Heinz ketchup actually contains mercury. In fact, the mercury is found in the GM corn syrup. This could lead to many problems including heart disease, development of cancer, obesity, diabetes or liver disease.

3. Excess of sugar

This sauce is proving to be very sweet and in fact excessively sweet. Really, one tablespoon of this ketchup is equivalent to 5 grams of sugar. You should therefore avoid eating such foods in order to avoid being a victim to obesity.

4. Distilled vinegar

You can find distilled vinegar in this famous brand of ketchup and it comes from the genetically modified maize. The presence of distilled vinegar significantly increases the level of sugar in the blood and therefore causes many disorders including pancreatic cancer and hepatitis.