Here’s Why You Should Unclog Your Lymph Glands and How to Do It!

It seems that the knowledge of the lymphatic system is on a very low level, even though it is along with the blood circulatory system the most important system in the body. Most people have also never heard about the lymphatic drainage. Researchers at USC in 2012 stated the following: “… the lymphatic system is no less essential than the blood circulatory system for human health and wellness.”

It has been scientifically confirmed that the lymphatic system is of vital essence for the repair of the tissue.

Likewise, it is important for the management of the inflammation of most of the organs in the body. The body requires proper lymphatic drainage and if this is not the case it can lead to impaired immune system, and in the worst case scenario it can lead to development of tumors in the lymph nodes.

The blood runs freely in the blood circulatory system, on the other hand the lymph needs an incitement from the body itself to properly run through the body, meaning that you need to exercise regularly and to perform exercises which can trigger lymphatic drainage. Keeping a healthy lymphatic system is a must for the body’s general health.

The Lymphatic System Needs Detoxifiction

Our body is constantly affected by the influence of various toxins coming from the air, soil, and water. In fact, it has been concluded that there are around 82,000 various toxins to which we are exposed every day. The toxins will get accumulated due to the body’s inability to completely detoxify itself thus compromising the function of the most vital body organs. When something like this happens the lymphatic system becomes involved. It can efficiently cleanse the fluid that surrounds the cells by removing the present contaminants and waste, meanwhile helping the cells, tissues, and all organs to function properly. If the function of the lymphatic system gets impaired then it will result in the occurrence of severe health issues like the following ones: fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, digestion problems, pains, obesity, bloating, and fatigue syndrome.

Castor Oil Can Detoxify Your Lymphatic System 

According to Dr. David Williams there is no medication that can improve the lymphatic flow, but the topical use of castor oil can help you with this issue. All you have to do is to apply some castor oil on different skin parts. For proper stimulation of the lymphatic system, you should use a castor oil pack to the lower part of the abdomen. Apply it in the following way: use a cotton cloth that needs to be folded in a couple of layers and then soaked into the oil. In this way you should apply the pack onto the skin and let it stand like that entire night. The castor oil pack will stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluids, lower the inflammation and better body’s digestion.

Detoxify the Lymphatic System with Herbs

Aside the use of the castor oil pack, certain herbs and teas can assist in the lymph cleanse. Echinacea can be very beneficial in the lymphatic system cleanse. This herb can boost the immune system and promote the lymphatic functions. Likewise, it is known for its potent antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties. Plus it can strengthen the macrophages, cells that are located in the lymph nodes which can remove the toxins from the lymph.

Detoxify the Lymphatic System with Sweating

Sauna baths are great means for detoxifying the lymphatic system since sweating or perspiration is the best method of eliminating toxins from the body in a natural manner. Thanks to the sweating the accumulated contaminants like the lead, mercury, copper, salt, and many others can be easily excreted.