Here’s What WIFI, Cell Phones & iPads are Doing to Your Child’s Brain – 100+ Scientists are Petitioning the UN

Technology development moves so fast that we cannot keep up, for sure it has eased the way of living, but it leaves harmful consequences of its constant use. All these, supposedly so much needed gadgets emit electro-magnetic waves which may affect our DNA, thereby adding up brain cancer rates.
Unfortunately, the young ones are more susceptible to radiation absorption. Namely, cell phones and other utilized devices can increase the threat of brain cancer where most affected are our children.
Regarding this issue, a team of 31 scientists from 14 different nations just recently revealed a notification concerning the health threat of cell phone use.

See the video below, where the renowned Dr. Devra Davis discusses the dangers of cell phones.

In order to protect yourself and your children from these harmful electro-magnetic waves you can implement the following steps:

  1. Protect your child by not allowing it to use a cell phone or any other similar deviceWe know that this is really a difficult task, but young children are very vulnerable, and we have to do everything which is in our power to protect them.
  2. Minimize the use of your own cell phoneUse a land line when you are at work or at home, try to use your mobile phone only for emergency situations.
  3. If you have low reception on your cell phone, then do not use it – Your phone needs more power when there is low reception thereby emitting more radiation; therefore try to avoid its use when such things occur. Use it when you have full bars and good reception.
  4. Keep your phone in a secure place – Meaning that you should not put your phone against your body, keep it in your bag and try to use a headset for making phone calls.

Extra advices:

  • In your bedroom keep electrical devices at least seven inches away from your bed.
  • Avoid putting electronics into your lap.
  • Limit the use of filthy electric devices like electric blankets and heating pads.
  • If you can, purchase flat-screen TV and computer monitors since they emit less EMFs.
  • Try to walk barefoot as human body absorbs negative ions from the ground, which on the other hand lowers stress hormones.
  • EMFs are absorbed by Himalayan salt lamps or beeswax candles. Likewise, they act as natural ionizers.