Hero Stray Dog Found Curled Up in the Snow to Protect Kittens from Freezing

The animal world is a real wonder and in many cases resembles the human world, but what really amazes us from time to time is their ability to develop friendships between species.

The astonishing part is when two species that generally do not like themselves develop a strong bond that unites them. In this case we are talking about a friendship between a cat and dog.

Dogs commonly run after cats and do not like them, but it is not always like that. Here it is what a driver from Ontario, Canada, witnessed one night.

In November, he was driving through the roads of Canada when he spotted something unusual in the snow. He stopped to check and to his greatest wonder he saw a dog curled over five orphaned kittens and thus keeping them warm. The dog was shivering from the cold but still tried to protect the small kittens with the warmth of its body.

This heart-warming image touched deeply the truck driver who instantly called Pet and Wildlife Rescue, based in Chatham, Ontario, and they sent an Animal Control Officer out to fetch the animals.

The dog was a stray one, but that did not stop it to save these baby kittens who would have not survived if the dog did not kept them warm. Serenity and the five kittens were placed in the shelter and thanks to the reaction of the driver they are now safe and healthy.

Pet and Wildlife Rescue is on the lookout of the rightful owners of Serenity and the five kittens, but if there are none, the kittens will be given for adoption when they reach an appropriate age. This also applies for the heroic dog, Serenity.

The picture that was shared by the shelter became viral showing together the six animals. It comes with a following caption:

Our stray sweetheart is keeping her ‘babies’ safe at the shelter tonight!”

The spokesperson of the shelter stated the following:

It’s truly heartwarming! It had been a very cold night so these kittens would have had a very hard time surviving.”

He continued:

Our staff sees many difficult situations on a daily basis and stories like this one make every heartache worth it.”

Thanks to Serenity and to the driver these kittens have a chance for life. This amazing story shows how we should care about each other no matter what.