Hollywood Superstar Keanu Reeves Has Secretly Been Financing Countless Children’s Hospitals

Hollywood actors make us laugh, cry, entertain through their roles in various movies. Most of us like these super movie stars, but not many of us really know anything about their personality and we are not talking about the yellow pages.

Keanu Reaves is a well-established actor that we all know from Speed or Matrix, and he is one of the rare actors that tried his best to keep his personal life as private as possible.

Keanu Reeves’ life story is not a bed of roses starting from his early childhood when his father left him and his mother at an age of 3. He saw his biological father once again when he was 13 years old, and that was it, he spent all his childhood with various stepfathers and homes throughout the world, starting from Sydney, New York, and Toronto. Due to the constant moving he had to visit various high schools, and when you think he had it all, another tragedy happened to him.

Jennifer Syme was his partner with whom he planned a life together and she carried his child for 8 months. But, the baby came premature, and it was stillborn. Jennifer lost her 8-month baby, and very soon after her delivery, just few weeks later, she lost her life in a car accident. Tragedy after tragedy for Keanu, but it did not stop when in the nineties of the last century his sister, Kim, was diagnosed with leukemia. She struggled with the disease for over a decade, but her big brother Keanu was always there for her. In fact, he spent $5 million on treatments during this decade, and he was not only a financial support, but also a moral one for his sister, sitting with her when the pain became so intense offering her comfort.

This occurrence was a breaking point in Keanu’s life and set a goal to help as much as he can in the fight against cancer. His sister is in remission since 1999, but that did not stop him, in fact he donated 70% of his Matrix profit to cancer research.

During this period with his sister it made him a stronger man, but he never allowed for his name to be mentioned when he made all those huge donations in cancer research.

Keanu established a private foundation funds cancer research and supports children’s wards and hospitals. However, he never claimed credit for its establishment, in a 2009 interview with the Ladies’ Home Journal, Keanu stated that he has a private foundation with a goal to help a couple of children’s hospitals and cancer research. Yet, he does not want to attach his name to it, and make a fuss about it; he just lets the foundation to do its job.

This is not the only occasion where Keanu showed his generosity, there have been many others like the following ones.

Keanu participated as a goalkeeper in a charity ice hockey match organized for the Spinal Cord Opportunities for Rehabilitation Endowment. SCORE is an organization that helps players to overcome spinal injuries. Then, in 2008, he volunteered in Stand Up to Cancer telethon.

Keanu is highly respected from his co-workers and despite his valuable charitable work; he also showed great benevolence towards many people. According to a Reddit user bo2dd2 who worked with Keanu on the set of Chain Reaction, Keanu is an amazing person, namely he valued the work of stagehands and grunt workers and always took them for breakfast and lunch.

There has been other revealing of the people who worked with him on set. When he was filming Matrix a family friend of a one of the crew experienced some family issues, and when Keanu found about it, he gave the man $20,000.

The crew members experienced great Christmas during the set of the Matrix Reloaded; Keanu gave every person in his team of special effects Harley Davidson motorcycle as Christmas present.

Most of his earnings of the famous Matrix triology finished in the hands of crews with whom he worked with. According to some estimation Keanu gave away $75 to $100 million to the crew behind the scenes.

Keanu decided that his huge earnings should be shared with his crew on various filming sets. He is one of the rare Hollywood actors who have experienced rocketing fame, but still remained true to himself. He is still focused on earning and never talks about his massive earnings. He tries to live a normal life, eats where other people eat and uses public transportation.

He stated in an interview that money is not his priority in life and because of that he does not stress out about his banking account. He tries to enjoy life and do the job he likes. He accepts roles that will offer him great acting enjoyment and are not solely based on finances. Nonetheless, he is grateful for the success of his movies as that opened new opportunities for him.

Keanu is a perfect example how fame and finance would not make you rotten, but in fact generous and compassionate. We hope that there will be more people like Keanu that will make this world a better place to live in.