Homeless Man ‘What Can I Get For $0.50?’–Boy’s Answer is Wise Beyond His Years

The hospitality industry can be really difficult for many employees as there are always different customers that need to be served. However, the most difficult ones are the ones without manners and everything is forgiven for them as the customer is always right.

Nonetheless, everyone who is a part of this business knows that hospitality must be shown to every customer. Matthew Resendez, and employee in the fast food chain restaurants, Burger King, showed something completely different that was noted by the other customers who shared the story worldwide.

A Random Act of Kindness

For Matthew it was a regular day at Burger King when a homeless man with scruffy clothes entered his working place. He looked untidy, but nonetheless, Matthew treated him like any other customer in the restaurant. We all know that this is not a common practice in most of the restaurants, but Matthew was different in this respect.

The amazing thing happened when the homeless person asked Matthew if he could buy something with the change he was holding in his hand, total 50 cents. Naturally, there is nothing on the menu for 50 cents, but Matthew did not said that and asked the man what he would like to buy on the menu if he had the money. The homeless person did not express any specific wish he just said something that would help with his aches and pains.

Matthew was moved by the answer and ordered him a hearty meal and paid it from his own pocket. He handed the meal along with the receipt to the man. He just told him: Sir, take a seat and enjoy your meal!

This epitome of hospitality could have never been noted if a lady that was waiting for her meal did not witness it. She was overwhelmed with this great gesture that she gave Mathew a large tip, but she even went further and complemented his company for having employees like Matthew.

Mathew’s mother was very proud when she found out what her son did and she shared the story on Facebook referring to it as “Proud mom moment”!

She stated: “So proud to be his mom and I can pat myself on the back knowing that I’ve played a part in raising this big-hearted young man.”

We are living in a cruel world, but humanity can still amazes us and it is still there among us. Generosity and benevolence still exists among people and Mathew is a living proof of it. It would have been very nice if there were more people like Mathew.

We should always strive to reach our better side of ourselves and teach the younger generation of such generous acts.

Matthew’s story of showing kindness to a man in need has reached the hearts of millions of people!