Here is the Homemade Cannabis Oil Recipe That People Are Using to Treat Cancer

Research has revealed that Cannabis is contains strong anti-cancer properties. It is also revealed that our body has special receptors for cannabinoids which are the main property of the plant. This suggests that our body has evolved in order to be able to consume it.

The most widely famous and used method for consumption is smoking, but you should avoid it because it might cause some unwanted additional damage to your health. Rick Simpson, scientist from the field of medical cannabis, has found out the best way for consuming cannabis oil. He revealed the technique for production of cannabis oil at home.

Caution: Please be extremely careful with this recipe which is summarized from Rick Simpson’s website. Also please be careful with the fumes which are combustible, so make sure during the process you ventilate the room and use fan to blow it away from the pot. Do not smoke and spark.

You may also visit Simpson’s website for more detailed info.

This is the recipe:

You will need 1 ounce of dried herb. This amount will be enough to produce 3-4 grams of oil, but at the end it all depends on the strain process. If you use 1 pound of dried herb you will be expected to produce 2 ounces of high quality oil.

  1. Place the dry plant in a bucket (plastic) and solvent it. You should use either butane, pure naphtha, ether or 99% isopropyl alcohol. Also you will need at least two gallons of solvent in order to remove the THC from 1 pound, and 2 cups would be enough to draw out the THC from an ounce.
  2. You should use wood in order to crush the plant and soak it completely in the solvent. Stir for at least 3 minutes in order to dissolve the THC from the plant. Place the remaining mixture in another container.
  3. This way you will manage to dissolve 80% of the plant’s THC. You will need to repeat this process one more time in order to get rid of the remaining 20%.
  4. Now mix both and throw away the washed plant
  5. Filter the mixture into container by using coffee filter
  6. Now you should boil the solvent off
  7. Place the solvent into a rice cooker and put it on high heat (fill the container ¾). As the solvent evaporates add the mixture.
  8. Add few drops of water before the end (10 drops of water for 1 pound of dry product) in which the solvent residue and make sure the oil is not heated too much.
  9. Once there is left about 1 inch of solvent-water mixture in the rice cooker, you should pick it up and swirl until it completely boils of (the solvent). Afterwards lower the heat. Remember the oil should never reach 140°C or 290°F.
  10. Now you should remove the oil from the pot and place it in a stainless-steel container. You will know it is ready for use once there is not activity on the surface. It should look like thick grease when it is cooled off completely.


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