Homemade Sleep Remedy – Take One Teaspoon Before Bed and You Will Never Wake Up Tired Again!

Many people are having problems falling asleep even though they feel exhausted. Also there are other people that can fall asleep but wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to fall asleep again.

These problems usually are caused by insomnia. Insomnia can actually impact your energy levels, health, mood, and the ability to do your daily activities and work. People with chronic insomnia can experience serious health issues.

In fact you don’t need to struggle with your sleep at night because with some changes of the habits and lifestyle you can stop this problem. Insomnia actually is the inability to get enough sleep.

This condition usually depends on the quality of the sleep and the feeling that you feel for sleep, rather than how fast you can fall asleep or how many hours you sleep.

People that sleep for 8 hours at night and feel fatigue and drowsiness during the day can be a sign of insomnia. This type of case usually suggest that the brain doesn’t function properly which is often caused by the cognitive skills and perception. Also it could be a sign for health problems such as hypertension, and it might lead to stroke and heart diseases. Due to these reasons it is important to sleep properly because it helps your body function properly.

Here is a homemade recipe for overcoming the issue with sleep at night:

This effective homemade solution is completely safe for use and it is consistent of two ingredients:

  1. Raw organic honey – 8 teaspoons
  2. Pink Himalayan salt – 1 teaspoon


You will need to mix both ingredients until you get fine homogenous mixture. Put this mixture in jar and close it with a lid.

You should consume this remedy every night before going to bed. Consume one teaspoon per serving. This solution should be held under the tongue in order all ingredients to be absorbed. Feel free to add this mixture in a glass of warm water and consume it before going to bed.

You will be amazed by this sleeping remedy. The sleeping problems will be over after few days of consumption. The ingredients provide great health benefits and it is not harmful for your health. It contains more than 84 minerals that are extremely essential.

This remedy is also great for boosting your energy levels, and helps you regulate the levels of melatonin and serotonin in the body, which is important for improvement of the sleep. Also it could help you reduce high blood pressure.

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