Hospital Continues Tradition of Sending Babies Home in Christmas Stockings

Christmas is coming with all its amazing traditions and festivities!

This holiday is the one that we wait the whole year symbolizing family values, love and praise to Christ. Therefore, many people celebrate it in different ways.

Once November approaches on the calendar people are reconsidering their Christmas decorations and how they should set them this year feeling great joy in their hearts.

Some of the Christmas traditions are cutting down and decorating trees, listening to Christmas songs,  hanging advent wreaths or Christmas stockings, singing Christmas carols, setting out cookies and milk for the children and Santa Claus, setting up the Nativity scene figurines, etc.

You must have heard or practiced most of these traditions but in this article we shall present a tradition that the Methodist Children’s Hospital follows every year.

This hospital for over 50 years has been sending newborn babies home in a Christmas stocking having a matching hat making this event in life festive in every sense of the word. The babies look adorable and very cute leaving no one heartless.

These Christmas stockings for the newborns are handmade every year by the volunteers of the Bluebirds of Methodist Hospital. Aside the preparation of the stockings this volunteer group does many other benevolent things for the staff and patients during the whole year.

This tradition was very much liked by other hospitals that have also started to follow it. Watch the video below and see how it is done:

Parents also like this tradition very much making their biggest day in life more pleasant and fulfilling. Having their precious baby in matching Christmas stocking and hat makes them overwhelmed with joy.

Here it is how parents remember their newborn Christmas stocking experiences:

Jenny says the following: “When my youngest daughter was born New Years day she was wrapped in a white stocking with a red band while the other holiday babies were in red ones.”

Another reader recalls in this way: “when my son was born, he was too big to fit in the stocking, so they put a Santa hat on him.”

Lora says: “This is how my son came to me in the hospital. And let’s be honest… What greater stocking stuffer could a parent really ask for?”

This tradition should always stay in this hospital and many others should follow it as well.