How to Use Himalayan Salt Lamps for Better Air, Sleep and Mental Clarity

The Himalayan crystal salt is considered to be the purest salt on planet, and for the right reasons as it is pulled out deep in the clean Himalayan region. Contrary to the table salt that is inevitably chemically treated, the pink crystal salt is free of toxins or pollutants.

Aside the fact that this pure salt can be used for cooking, it is also super-healthy helping you with high blood pressure and cholesterol. However, its benefits do not stop there; it can also be very helpful for issues like headaches, allergies and insomnia.

These are enough reasons why you should use Himalayan salt lamps!

 Health Virtues of Using Himalayan Crystal Salt

This pink salt has in its content about 100 trace minerals which offer so many benefits to the body. Here are some of the benefits you can reap while using pink salt:

  • Improve respiratory health (particularly beneficial in case of asthma)
  • Secure alkaline pH in body cells, especially in the brain
  • Support of optimal blood sugar levels
  • Natural regulation of water in the body
  • Better sinus health
  • Helps with digestion by absorbing food particles in the intestinal tract
  • Support of vascular health
  • Boosted libido
  • Prevent muscle cramps
  • Regulate blood pressure (in conjunction with water)
  • Improved sleeping patterns
  • Treat insomnia
  • Generate hydroelectric energy in cells
  • Enhance bone strength
  • Reduce signs of aging

The Himalayan Salt Lamps

You have all seen these beautiful lamps in stores that come in all sorts of sizes and depths of color. They can be of white, pink, orange, or red color and people opt for the one that they best like.

A small light bulb is installed in the bottom so that it releases enough light, but what is most important it heats up the salt that in turn releases negative ions. These ions neutralize the positively charged ions in the air by attaching themselves to the positive ones. This makes our home highly enjoyable. The surrounding air around the lamps becomes pure, and you have the feeling like you are at the beach or standing near waterfalls. You have positive feelings and feel relaxed.

Once lightened the salt will attract the moisture from the environment, and as a result of that the salt may glisten slightly as if it is wet, but very soon the humidity will evaporate through the heat of the light bulb.

The use of the salt lamp can help you in the removal of electronic smog created by various wireless devices in the home.

Many scientists have recognized the harmful effects caused by wireless networks that surround us everywhere. The wireless equipment like our cell phones emits positive ions thus creating the electronic smog that can cause real havoc in our bodies.

We are being exposed, especially our brains, up to 20 times as much electronic smog than it should be, and because of that we need to find a natural way to neutralize this harmful effect. The Himalayan salt lamp is one of the best ways since it is a natural source of negative ions. Just put a salt lamp to every room, especially in the ones that are packed with TVs, computers, wireless devices and allergens.

The Himalayan salt can offer so many benefits to your body, hence make sure to incorporate it in your diet making you feel fresh, strong and healthy. On the other hand, do not forget to use the Himalayan crystal lamps and thus make your home smelling fresh and clean.