How You Know You Found a Good One

As human beings we are all the same, yet just like in the animal world some of them are the Alphas, the born leaders. In this respect there is no difference in gender both men and women can be the Alphas in the surrounding.

Women are delicate and complex, but among them there are strong women well aware of their strength and very determined to succeed in life. They have the ability to withstand any storm in life and be always there by your side, so if you have encountered such lady you are the lucky one.

The Alpha lady is intelligent, courageous, resilient, inspirational, and always ready for a challenge. According to the bestselling author and behavioral investigator Vanessa Van Edwards’s alpha females are “social lubrication and business mediators”.

She adds:

They bring social ease to a group, they tell jokes, they start conversations, they introduce people, they smooth over business disagreements and take charge. As leaders, this drives most females to use their influence to connect other people, making them the glue that holds groups together.”

11 Characteristic Traits of Alpha Woman

1. This lady respects herself and always enhances her skills, learning ability and the experience of new things.

2. She is a lady with defined goals not being afraid to pursue her own dreams leaving nothing to chance.

3. She is not a gossiper as she well knows that it is more productive to praise others.

4. This lady does not consider herself as a victim when she is angry, stressed, or sad. In fact, she makes a plan how to turn things over and thus solve the problem.

5. This lady never relies on anyone.

6. The Alpha lady is a hard worker but knows that the balance in life is very important, and because of the she always has the time for fun and relaxation.

7. She can be happy just by herself and never her happiness depends on her current relationship status.

8. This lady believes it is better to remain single and wait for the right person.

9. She has high self-esteem and she would never settle for a toxic relationship considering it as a waste of time. She will end it and move on.

10. Not only toxic relationships that she ends, but as well as she never spends time in the company of negative, toxic people.

11. The Alpha lady is satisfied with the way how she looks and for that purpose she regularly exercises, follows a balance diet and works really hard on herself to feel comfortable in her own skin.

So, if you are a guy and you have the possibility to be in a relationship with such person, be persistent and do not get intimidated by her strength. She will always keep your back no matter what. Moreover, probably she will be the one that will make the first move and if you are worthy to her she will love you passionately and intensely and bring great joy in your life.