Hydrogen Peroxide As A Cancer Treatment! Here’s What You Should Know!

Nevertheless how much you try to protect yourself from developing cancer, our society makes this task even more difficult and even impossible. This is due to the fact that we are over-flooded with GMO food which contains compounds that lead to development of cancer.

This type of food contains DNA seed designs, cosmetics, sun block lotions, hair shampoos, and toothpastes.

You could actually protect your body from this danger with hydrogen peroxide which you can find it very easily. This solution can help you eliminate cancer very fast.

Cancer often develops in acidic environment which is constituted by consuming processed salt, artificial foods, animal fat, and sugar. Once you consume these products your body and brain fight to eliminate them from the body.

Patients that take chemotherapy are advised by physicians to avoid alkalizing foods because they obstruct the treatment. In fact, most of the people that are diagnosed with cancer die within few years due to the chemotherapy and radiation. These treatments actually destroy the healthy cells as well which is the main reason why patients suffer further health complications.

“The most ignored solution to all types of diseases and conditions is perhaps the easiest. All infections, parasites, and pathogens are anaerobic.They grow when there is absence of oxygen, but aren’t able to survive when there is an abundance of oxygen. Even carcinogenic cells aren’t able to exist in oxygen. They depend on fermenting glucose to multiply and survive.”

In fact your body needs alkalizes in order to prevent cancer. Hydrogen peroxide doesn’t repair the cells which often are damaged by chemotherapy, but it can help you regenerate new cells, skin, hair cells, and organs. This schedule is both for men and women:

  1. 120 Days– new Red cell
  2. 90 Days– new Skeleton
  3. 60 Days– new Brain Cells, Tissue
  4. 49 Days– new Bladder
  5. 45 Days– new Liver, new DNA Cell Material
  6. 1 Month– new Skin, new Hair
  7. 5 Days– new Stomach Lining

It is important that you get enough amount of hydrogen peroxide inside the carcinogenic cells. This way you will manage to prevent metastasis because you will supply the cells with enough oxygen. If the carcinogenic cells don’t get enough amount of oxygen they will diet. That is why hydrogen peroxide works and kills the cancer cells.

It is important that you treat cancer with hydrogen peroxide with the right amount. The pancreatic enzymes can dissect the thick protein coating which covers the cancerous cells and the immune system will stop working and can recognize them as cancerous. This means that the hydrogen peroxide actually enters the cancerous cells by dissecting their protein coating.

This fact has been found 50 years ago by Dr. Otto Warburg, a German doctor and Nobel Laureate. He has managed to differentiate between normal and cancerous cells. Both types require energy from glucose, but the normal cells require oxygen combined with glucose whereas the cancer cells break it down without oxygen. This is the main reason why cancer cells feed with sugar and why overweight people are susceptible to cancer.

Treatment with hydrogen peroxide is safe, efficient, and time-tested. You will need to use 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, and don’t use the 3% Pharmaceutical grade which is not for internal usage.

You could use it in two ways for treating cancer:

  1. You will need to add one cup of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in your bathtub filled with warm water and soak for ½ an hour
  2. Drink one glass of water mixed with few drops of reagent or food grade hydrogen peroxide.