If You’re Annoyed by Others Chewing, You May Be a Genius

Listening to the chewing of other people can be very annoying, but not all people find it disturbing. If you are a person that is really being bothered when someone loudly chews and slurps, then there is the perfect explanation for this.

You may have noticed that other people do not find this very annoying and that in most cases you are the one who makes the big fuss. You may wonder why that is. There is a simple explanation, a condition known as Misophonia, developed in 20% of people.

People with this condition are highly sensitive to certain noises like slurping, loud chewing, and so on. You should not be worried about having Misophoniaas according to researchers it has its own benefits.

Namely, the researchers at the Northwestern University, Illinois, have come to the discovery that people with this condition can be more creative than the others who do not have it.

The researchers involved 100 peoplein their research who were tested whether they have the ability to find original solutions to problems. The conclusion was that there is a strong relation between an inability to shut out irrelevant audio stimuli, dubbed “leaky” sensory gating, and creativity.

The participants in this study were given different scenarios and had a task to offer original solutions to them. In this way the researchers measured their level of “real-world creative achievement”.

The results of the study revealed that those people who were very much affected by sounds had better results in the scale of creativity. These findings were released in the journal Neuropsychologia, explaining the reason why people more affected with sounds are more creative. The reason for that is because they can focus on a wide range of things at the same time.

So, if you considered this your disadvantage, you should not anymore as according to Darya Zabelina, a Ph.D. psychology student at Northwestern University in Illinois: “If funneled in the right direction, these sensitivities can make life more rich and meaningful, giving experiences more subtlety.”

After all some disadvantages are for the greater good like being genius and thus inventing other useful things for humanity.