IKEA Shares How to Make 6 Types of Furniture Forts During Quarantine

The lockdowns were very difficult for many people, but it seems that parents had the most difficult job, how to entertain their younger children. The quarantine time was imposed to us due to the spread of the COVID-19 leaving us with plenty of time that we have never had before. Killing time is a challenging task as when you have children it should be creative so that your children get occupied most of the time, and believe us that is not an easy task. Children can be really exhausting and picky before they find their interests.

Interesting Activities for Your Children

You can try many things with you children like having a picnic in your garden, making a treasure hunt, cooking and so on. Fortunately there are so many things that you can do together making your bond stronger than ever before as each child likes when doing something with its parents.

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Строим домик 🙌🏼 Помните, как в детстве строили домики из всего, что попадалось под руку? Мой самый любимый домик был в папиной сумке, с которой он ходил на рынок 😅 Я мечтала, что папа меня когда-нибудь не заметит и случайно, прямо в домике, унесёт на работу. Мишка, самый старший, недавно заявил, что ему нужно съехать от малышей. Они слишком шумные и мешают ему изобретать и читать книжки. Я решила, что раз он такой умный, то пусть сам выбирает проект своего дома: открыла ему варианты домиков по инструкции @ikea_rus. Он выбрал. И у нас получилась вот такая версия ZÅMOK. Когда Мишка ляжет спать, я думаю сама в нем поселиться. Смена обстановки на самоизоляции никому не повредит 🙂 Раз в неделю ИКЕА будет делиться в соцсетях подборкой фотографий домиков от своих подписчиков. Чтобы в нее попасть, стройте домики по их проектам и выкладывайте фотографии под хэштегом #явдомикеИКЕА

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Hence, we have listed some of the things that your children will like to do with you:

  • Cooking and baking
  • Playing with playdough
  • Puzzles
  • Board Games
  • Card games such as Go Fish or UNO
  • Charades
  • Visiting virtual aquariums or museums
  • Filming TikToks
  • Listening to Olaf reading stories on Twitter
  • Practicing yoga or other physical activity

Fortunately, there are many activities that can be performed together with your children, and at the same time be educational. The education of your children should not be neglected and when opting for reading a book, choose the one that will be a great learning experience for your children. Yet, although it is good to spend time with your children make certain that they have time for themselves.

Your children can watch YouTube videos, the ones that are child friendly, and these videos aside the entertainment they offer they may contain something educational. Aside the online education that they receive at the moment, your children should continue to build-up their knowledge and feed their young brains with valuable information.

Although, now they have more free time, spending time with their cellphones all the time is not an option, as that will affect their proper development.

IKEA Russia offered something very interesting for its customers and a great way to entertain children during quarantine time.

DIY IKEA Furniture Forts

The idea for these furniture forts came from the campaign initiated by an agency named as Instinct. The main goal of this campaign was to help the parents how to occupy their children while the coronavirus pandemic. They offered instructions on how to build forts, castles, tents, and other interesting structures indoors and IKEA Russia picked up the idea.

This company released 6 types of furniture forts that you can build with your children. Indoor adventures were very common for the past generations, which were very enjoyable and because of that the campaign wanted these activities back in this modern way of living. This campaign was accepted by many people who used the “blueprints” that IKEA released.

The creations were posted on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #явдомикеикеа, in translation “I’m in an IKEA home”.

The items that are used for these constructions are the ones that you already have at home like chairs, blankets, tables, and bedspreads that will allow you to create a new hideaway. The instructions were given by IKEA which are pretty easy to follow. None of the creations that IKEA offered had their products.