IKEA’s Hydroponic System Allows You to Grow Vegetables All Year Round Without a Garden

Having fresh vegetable always in your home is a great benefit especially when it is grown by yourself. You may consider that wouldn’t be possible if you live in an apartment but it is. IKEA has created indoor hydroponic garden and in that way you can grow your own veggies at home. This solution is amazing as you can grow foods without soil and you do not have to have previous gardening experience.

The scientist, Helena Karlén, at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, stated the following: “the challenge was to make growing plants in a hydroponic system simple so that anyone could succeed…”

The design of the hydroponic system was created by a team of agricultural scientists in Swedendesignated to people who do not own a garden, but still want fresh produce to have all year round in their homes.

IKEA’s Hydroponic System Allows You to Grow Vegetables All Year Round Without a Garden

Here it is what Ronnie Runesson, product developer at IKEA, says regarding this project:

“We wanted to create gardening kits that would simplify for people to grow their own herbs and vegetables 12 months a year.

Whether you live in the northern parts of Sweden in the wintertime or if you live in China or North America, you should be able to succeed with your garden. It’s about creating a more sustainable and healthier life at home for everyone”.

It has been found out that in order for the plants to grow successfully they need only proper amount of light and water. This also applies for most of the vegetable produce.

For the growing of plants theIKEA system is based on absorbent foam plugs that allow the seeds to sproutand at the same time it will retain the moist without over-watering them. Once the seeds germinate, the foam plug is being placed into a separate small pot and then filled with pumice stones, the latter one known for their great ability to keep plenty of water.These pots are put into a growing tray equipped with a solar lamp.

This system is very efficient and can show results even in rooms without any sunlight, but it is better to put it on a windowsill that has plenty of sun.The plant will be always nicely watered thanks to the built-in water sensors.This system can be found under the name of KRYDDA/VÄXER series and is affordable when compared with other types available on the market. Plus, it is environmentally friendly, one of the principles of IKEA.

In the basic VÄXER series there is every needed component for your gardening start, including seeds, fertilizer,pumice stones,starter plugs, nursery box, and cultivation insert set, and light fixture.

This new item in the catalogue of IKEA elevated this brand on a different level as aside the eco-friendly home furnishings it offers even more. It offers to their customers more ways how to live their livesmore healthy.