IMPORTANT: Don‘t Turn On the A/C in Your Car Right After Starting the Engine! It’s Very Dangerous!!!

When drivers get in their car and turn the engine immediately they turn the A/C. Doing so actually is very risky for your health and the people that are in the car with you. This is due to the fact that once you leave the vehicle the windows are closed while it is under the sun or under the shadow. This actually leads to accumulating 400-800mg of benzene inside the car.

In case your car is parked under the sun at temperature above 16C, the level of benzene can actually increase to 2000-4000mg. This level of benzene actually is 40 times more than the allowed levels. Once you are in a vehicle that had closed windows you are actually inhaling the benzene without actually knowing. This toxin is very harmful for the kidneys, the liver and the bone tissue. What is more striking is the fact it takes long period of time in order to remove it from the organism and the body.

Even if you read the vehicles’ manuals you will find clear instructions that you should always open the windows before turning the A/C. This statement actually doesn’t have any clear explanation why is it needed to do so, except the fact it states it is good for the efficiency.

Here is the medical explanation behind this fact:

According to different research studies once you turn on the A/C and before it starts to cool off the air it emits benzene, which is considered as the main toxins that causes cancer.

Due to this reason most probably you might have noticed the smell of heated plastic once you get in the car. You should always open the windows first before you turn on the A/C. Once you turn on the car make sure that you leave the windows open for few more minutes.

You should always practice this habit in order to protect your body from dangerous and hazardous toxins.