In 1972, a Computer Model Predicted the End of the World – And We’re on Track

Words like “Doomsday” or “End Times” predictions have been present in the human society probably since the beginning of the world; even the Bible mentions that in the Arc of Noah. However, up to now we have still not experienced the apocalypse, fortunately for all of us.

Nowadays we live in a computer era, and these predictions now do not come from so-called Medias but from the machines, the computer. Namely, in 1972, researchers from MIT developed a computer model known as “World One”, mainly created by the computer pioneer Jay Forrester. At that time this computer was processed by one of the largest computers in the world. Forrester was commissioned by the Club of Rome, an organization based on established scientists, thinkers, former world heads of states, and UN bureaucrats, in order to model how well the world could sustain its growth.

The mission of the Club of Rome was to promote understanding of the global challenges facing humanity. Once these challenges were established the scientists would offer solutions backed up by scientific analysis, communication, and advocacy. The program of this computer was to predict the future of our planet correlated to the way how we are living in it. The result that the computer has been given according to the calculation of both population and pollution levels was a global collapse by 2040.

The computer program analyzed the world as one system displaying graphs based on variables like population, pollution, life quality, supply of natural resources, etc. The human behavior was taken since 1900 and according to the variables it predicted what would happen to the planet decades into the future with plotted statistics and forecast.

At that time, an ABS reporter explained the predictions that the increase in population will reduce the supply of natural resources and the quality of life. According to the calculations of the computer, these decreases will start taking place by 2020.

Another predication was that at this time the condition of the Earth will be very critical, air pollution extremely high thus killing people, and the life quality will go as low as zero.

The leader of the Club of Rome in the 1970s, Alexander King, according to the results of the program stated that nation-states will lose their sovereignty, forecasting a New World Order where large corporations will manage everything. Since the sovereignty of nations will no longer be absolute, the sovereignty even in the biggest nations will gradually diminish. According to these computer predictions we may have only a few decades left.

However, as per the recent UN-commissioned report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change there is a small 12-year window to limit global warming to 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit (1.5 degrees Celsius). We must take control on the current global warming and on that agree over 133 authors from 6,000+ peer-reviewed scientific papers in order to prevent the end of the world we know it.

Here it is what the difference between 1.5°C of global warming and 2°C will mean:

  • The rise of sea levels for another two inches thereby flooding the coasts where over 10 million people reside.

  • The count of insects, including the indispensible pollinators, would go down three times.

  • The decline of marine fisheries’ would be double.

  • Maize harvests would go down more than double.

Every human being should contribute to the fight against the global warming, and every country should do that as well. If we act as unity we can save the world in which we live in considering the fact that this is our only home that we have. According to David Roberts, a Vox blogger, we need an efficient coordinated crash program of re-industrialization, in which every major country in the world will take part.

Each person can contribute to this cause by doing the following:

  • Lower consumption of animal products by 30%.

  • Go to work by bike, bus, or train instead of cars, and also avoid planes and thus contribute to lower air pollution.

  • Have a smart thermostat in the home and install more energy-efficient appliances.

If we do all this, we can postpone the World One’s doomsday prediction for at least several decades.