Incredible: Put This in Your Belly Button and Get Rid of Cough, Cold, Stomach and Menstrual Pain

If you are tired of not knowing how to treat a cold, cough, flu, abdominal pain or menstrual pain, do not panic because we have found a remedy that will relieve you of all that.

We all wondered, one day or another, what this little scar left by our dear mums was related to! Located in the middle of our abdomen, and formerly responsible for our diet, our navel is connected from the top of the liver, and down to the bladder. It is also located between the third and fourth lumbar vertebrae, and innervated by the tenth pair of intercostal nerves, which also innervate the greater part of the chest and abdominal wall.

The essential remedy to take care of all the pains

In reality, you simply have to soak a piece of cotton into 50% alcohol. Squeeze out the excess liquid and place the cotton piece in your navel. It should be fixed with a food film around your waist.

The navel is a strategic location of our body being located in the center of the abdomen it is connected to the liver, as well as to the bottom of the bladder. It is a way to deal with many evils.

Why use alcohol?!

Alcohol has many health properties and especially properties to calm the pain. The use of alcohol is a traditional remedy that helps both relieve pain but also relax muscles. You can use it even after a long day of work to allow the muscles to relax. It is also a very effective treatment to fight against inflammations of the flu and the common cold.

This will be a remedy to use during the winter in order to cure many ailments. As for example sore throat, cough or even headaches.

Women with painful periods can use this remedy that will relieve them very quickly.

So now before going straight to the pharmacy try first this effective and simple remedy that will help you heal quickly and save some money.