This Ingredient Increases Vision by Upto 97%

Italian researchers have discovered that saffron can cure the loss of eyesight from macular degeneration, which occurs when we come to certain age.

What is macular degeneration? 

Macula is located in the center of our eyes, which is of vital importance for our visual field. Once macular degeneration starts to develop, the macula becomes damaged which eventually results into loss of vision, blindness. Yet, in the early stages of macular degeneration, the field of vision isn’t affected. First, it slowly turns to a blurry or wavy vision, then to the appearance of a hole in the whole center of your field of vision. This ocular disease can affect many people, including elderly, young, and healthy individuals. There are many reasons for its occurrence, however the genes take great role in the presence of disease and as well as smoking raises the risk of its occurrence.


This ingredient can increase vision by outstanding 97%; all you have to do is to add it in your coffee or in any food. Saffron is a common ingredient in Indian food, and it is of great help for the eyesight curing existing vision issues.

Researchers have performed tests on people by giving them 20mg of saffron a day for 3 months. All of them were evaluated in the exact same way. The results showed that the tested people with macular degeneration reported signs of healing with their retina. Aside the fact that saffron is good for healing and preventing ocular impairment, it is also beneficial for some disorders in the nervous system.

Saffron is a powerful anti-oxidant, accountable for the increasing levels of oxygen through our body, and in the same way prevents cell deaths. It contains safranal, crucial for the reduction of the process in degeneration of cells that take in light, and helps in better function of the blood vessels to the eyes and retina.

Therefore, it is recommended to take 1 cup of saffron tea per day so that you can delay blindness since it has in its content essential fatty acids that protect from vision impairment. If you take it regularly on daily basis, it will ensure you more tolerance to bright light.