Instead of Surgery, This Man Returned Home Completely Healthy Thanks to These Two Ingredients

44 year old Tuzlak Elvir D. decided to share his story of how he was “saved” from knee surgery, using only two ingredients that probably everyone has them at home.

For few months Elvir felt terrible knee pain from excessive standing and working. The doctor advised him to operate his knee and so he can get up on his feet without pain. But the fear of surgery caused him to think otherwise.

“By chance I met a lady who deals with teas and herbs and I know she reads many books and knows a lot about these things. I asked her for advice and she immediately told me that there is a solution which has helped many people.

She advised me to prepare a mixture of homemade apple cider vinegar and salt for 5 consecutive nights in the ratio 2-3 cups of vinegar to one cup of salt. Then to mix well these ingredients and soak a gauze in it and place it on the knee securing it with a cloth.

After the first day I felt relief, and the pain was gone after just 5 days. For some time I don’t have any problem with my knees and I gave up the surgery, which I had to undergo. I hope this recipe will help other people”, says Elvir.

Certainly, we advise all people who have similar problems, before trying out this recipe to consult a doctor.