Very Interesting: Put This on Your Navel and Get Rid of Cough, Cold, Abdominal and Menstrual Pain!

Many specialists from all around the world recommend this effective method for relieving pain. This method is consistent of natural ingredients and it is very easy to practice it. You will need to take cotton which needs to be soaked in alcohol and put on your navel.

It’s that simple! This way you will manage to relieve pain very quickly as well as treat different conditions such as rhinitis, coughs, menstrual and stomach pain, and flu.

It is important that you use 50% alcohol when you soak the cotton in it, and put this in your belly button. This homemade remedy will help you relieve pain but also it provides relaxation to the whole body. You could use this method for treatment of influenza, cold or pain in the muscles.

We strongly recommend it as a replacement of conventional medications because they can cause side-effects and complicate the state of your health. So in case you get flu or cold you should grab the soaked cotton in alcohol and apply it on your belly button. Feel free to use band aid in order to ensure it remains in place.

As we already mentioned, this method could definitely help you get rid of menstrual pain. You should simply lie down and press the belly button with your hands, but make sure that you have placed the soaked cotton in it. You could also use this method for eliminating abdominal pain and if you use it for this purpose make sure that you also add some salt to the cotton before you put it on your belly button.

As you can see the health benefits of this method are great, and meanwhile it is very easy to use it. In case you have any of the mentioned health problems from above, don’t wait and use it. The results will definitely amaze you.