It’s Absolutely Fine to Have a Baby After 35

Motherhood is a wonderful thing that most women want to fulfill in their lives. In the past the best years for this would have been in the twenties and after the year of 35 one should reconsider about having a baby. Doctors referred having this period for a baby as an “advanced maternal age” or in simple words “too risky pregnancy”.

However, things have changed a lot and women prolonged their motherhood for their thirties or forties. There are many reasons for this choice like having a career which means stable financial status, healthy relationship and setting up a proper home. As a result of that starting a family has been postponed for the later stage in life.

Before the pregnancy after the age of 35 was considered “dangerous and risky”, but thanks to scientific research conceiving after 35 is no longer an issue provided that the mother to be is healthy. In fact, according to science having a baby after 35 can be beneficial.

Women in their thirties and forties are in good health and because of that they can easily conceive and their health would not be threatened by having a late pregnancy. Statistics show that there is a dramatic change in birth rates in terms of age. The birth rate in the age group of 35 to 39 has become increasing high since the 1970s. According to the The National Center for Health Statistics this age group has become common for women to get pregnant and have children.

It has been socially accepted by many celebrities to get pregnant in their later age like Halle Berry who had her first child at 41 and her second at 47, then Carrie Underwood at the age of 35, and there is also the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, who delivered her child at the age of 37.

The Benefits of Having a Baby Later in Life

At what age you decide to have a baby it can be still scary as it means hard work and complete dedication. Nonetheless, having a child can be the most wonderful thing in life bringing you endless joy.

When it is the perfect time for baby depends on the person and in what stage in life she is. In terms of having a bay later in life there have been many studies but most of them confirm the great benefits of having one in your maturity. According to a conducted study in the New England Cenenarian having a baby later in life can contribute to longer life span.

In the research paper Feeling Old vs. Being Old it was confirmed that having a baby later in life can offer you a happier and more fulfilling life.

Another study that has been published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society shows that the upbringing of a baby later in life is highly beneficial for the brain of an adult person. It will better the memory, mental reasoning, and problem-solving skills thus keeping your brain healthy and sharp.

Therefore, no need to stress if you are in your thirties and forties and still have not set up a family. If you are healthy and have good taken care of your body you can have a child at this age. You can have a healthy pregnancy in this “advanced maternal age”, and even obtain some of the benefits aside the great blessing of having a child.

Make sure to maintain your optimal health and you can have a baby even after the age of 35. Scientists say that you are allowed to have one at this age.