It’s Official: Giraffes Added to Endangered Species List under Threat of Extinction

It seems the humans cannot stop endangering the lives of the animals making the list of endangered animals longer every day.

According to IUCN – The International Union for Conservation of Nature two specific subspecies of giraffes, the Kordofan and Nubian, are reclassified as “Critically Endangered”.

Their count has gone rapidly low, up to 40%, in the period of 30 years and that made them the “vulnerable” category of the Red List of Threatened Species. The populations of the Kordofan and Nubian are at serious danger of extinction, especially in the wild areas of Nigeria, Malawi, Mauritania, Eritrea, Guinea, Burkina Faso, and Senegal.

The unconscientious human activity in the natural habitats of these subspecies of giraffes has brought them to the verge of extinction. There are nine giraffe species in Africa and all of them are struggling to survive and keep their population, but all that poaching, mining, construction and agriculture across Africa prevent it to be possible. Moreover, if something is not done soon, they will slowly but surely become an extinct species.

According to Dr. Julian Fennessy, a co-chair of the IUCN Special Survival Commission, many people are not aware of the current survival situation of the giraffes. They see them only when they have great fun on safari and when visiting zoos, but do not know that this specie is experiencing a silent extinction.

The southern part of Africa is keeping the giraffe population under control, but the core ranges across East, Central and West Africa are undergoing the threat of extinction. Currently, three of the acknowledged nine subspecies of giraffes are “Endangered” and even “Critically Endangered”.

The giraffes are being threatened due to poaching and the fast spreading of cities and towns entering into their habitat. The giraffes have also become a main target of poachers along with the African elephant and rhino because of the value of their heads and bones that can reach the price on black market up to $140 each. 

Some of the villagers kill the giraffes for their meat, yet a large number of them are being slaughtered for their tails as a giraffe tail represents a status symbol and commonly used as a dowry given to the bride’s father.

Nonetheless, Dr. Fennessy believes that the biggest problem is the lack of attention over the years. Nowadays there are populations that are even under 400 in number and that makes them even more endangered than the gorillas, or for that matter from any other large mammal in the world.

This alarming issue cannot be left as it is because very soon the giraffes will not be a part of our planet, and no one will enjoy their grace and beauty, not even the visitors in the zoos across the world.