Jamaican Hostel Will Give You a Free Joint in Exchange for Collecting One Bucket of Trash

Jamaica is the dream island for many people full with beaches and good music. It is an island that you probably want to visit in near future, and naturally you need to save money for that, but we shall give you some incentive to go sooner.

A hostel in Jamaica offers something unusual, free joint in exchange for collecting garbage from the beach. A bucket of beach garbage will be sufficient for one free joint. The idea came from the owner, Marian Erbach, running a hostel named as Germaican, located in Port Antonio, Jamaica.

Erbach, a 33-year-old German, currently living in Jamaica, offers his residents a free, fat joint, for every single trash bucket they collect from the beach. He was triggered by the ongoing pollution around the island and wanted to make a change and this idea came first to his mind.

Marian posted the offer on her website and it went viral almost instantly causing great interest in many people.

You may consider it a good marketing trick, but in this case it is for a good cause.

Erbach stated the following:

This beach is on the east coast. The water flow brings a lot of garbage to the beach, mostly plastics, all different kinds from all over the world.

I was just totally upset with all the garbage around us, so the last months I did a lot of research about trash, especially about plastic trash,” said Erbach. “I often saw some pics where people offered free coffee for a bucket of trash.”

His girlfriend even made a joke that in Jamaica, they should offer free spirits and they will come to the beach. A maximum marijuana amount that one can carry in Jamaica is 56 grams of weed which Marian rolled into 56 joints. After that he put the sign on the beach, and in about 30 minutes, the first beach cleaner came to collect garbage in the trash bucket.

Posted by Germaican-Hostel on Thursday, July 4, 2019

Marian said:

One of the funniest things about all that, the two buckets I bought were more expensive than all the joints. The buckets are at the bar next to my sign, so take up a bucket, walk the beach, fill it, bring it to the bar and get a spliff.

These are presents. All the garbage which is collected will be taken by the local garbage collection; they take it to the landfills.”

The idea was loved by many people and thanks to this initiative the nearby beaches got significantly cleaner.