Japanese Artist Hand-Carves Pearls into Exquisite ‘Fairy Skulls’

If you are a fan of exquisite jewelry, then the art pieces of Shinji Nakaba will be your thing. This Japanese artist creates incredible pieces of jewelry, and according to his saying all his pieces are “wearable sculptures.” For the creation of his jewelry this Tokyo artist uses various materials, but his ultimate favorite is for sure pearls.

He wants to bring life into common materials such as plastic bottles, aluminum beer cans, but as well as precious metals, and stones. He can make the ideal combination with pieces of garbage and precious materials thus creating a unique product.

Nakaba’s thing is carving ivory, corals, crystals, and other precious stones. However, its favorite material for work turned out to be pearls without cores. All the pieces that were made from this material are with smooth carving without the risk of shredding or peeling.

Nakaba’s carves skulls for his pieces of jewelry and for that purpose tried all sorts of materials, but the pearls showed to be the most durable. It is a mastery to turn pristine pearls into skulls and Nakaba uses them for the creation of his rings, necklaces and brooches.

You can check the website of Nakaba and see all his creations. He is also very good at arranging flowers; he even creates ikebana jewelry.

Nakaba is a unique artist that defines art in an unusual and different way. However, it is really a rare sight to see pearls carved into skulls.