Japanese Company Creates Sea Creature Teabags that “Come Alive” Inside Your Cup

If you are a fan of tea, then there is something completely new on the market that will make your tea consumption a great fun. Even if you are not a regular tea consumer after seeing these amazing teabags you will for sure introduce tea into your daily routine.

You can make your tea drinking an amazing sea adventure and it does not have to be a summer or visit school to learn some marine biology. Yes, it is true there are available teabags that become alive marine animals in a cup of water.

These teabags can be ordered at an online Japanese oddity shop and a bookstore, Village Vanguard, and cost 1,820 yen, which is around $16. The producer of these Japanese tea bags is Ocean-Teabag that created tea bags that have the appearance of all kinds of sea animals like whales, isopods, penguins, octopus, and jellyfish. Once you pour the water you immediately get marine life swimming in the tea.

Japanese Company Creates Sea Creature Teabags that “Come Alive” Inside Your Cup

These products have appeared after the first creation of a dolphin tea bag filled with blue mallow tea leaves three years ago. This creation made the teapot look like a dark blue ocean and became a boom among tea lovers. After this creation the Ocean-Teabag expanded their repertoire and aside the marine life tea bags they have created land animals such as frogs, panda bears, cats, dogs, and raccoons.

Nowadays on the online shop are available 50 unique teabags, and this company intends to expand its variety by including moving and glowing tea bags. In each tea bag that are is a different content of the tea according to the shape of the animal.

Here are the available sea creatures:

  • Japanese hojicha — roasted green tea in the shape of ocean sunfish

  • Butterfly pea jasmine tea in the shape of sea turtle

  • Tropical mango tea in the shape of manta ray

  • Blended herb tea in the shape of blood-thirsty shark

The deep-sea series are also a great attraction for the sea drinkers:

  • The earl grey tea in anglerfish

  • The Eastern Beauty oolong tea in the creepy giant isopod

  • The white apricot tea in the horseshoe crab

  • Tasty and huge Assam tea in the shape of giant oarfish. 

The list of produce has expanded and the company even offers a teabag filled with jasmine tea and a smidgen of sea cucumber powder taking the shape of innocuous sea cucumber.

So, this tea will allow you to experience the great soothing effect of the ocean waves while experiencing a cup of a tasty tea.