Just One Leaf of This Weed Can Save Your Life in a Minute! Here’s How…

When people hear or talk about leukemia immediately they associate it with chemotherapy and medicine. In fact, even though we are going to discuss about leukemia in this article we will present to you natural extract made of the root of dandelions that is helpful in the process of treatment of leukemia.

Numerous research studies prove that dandelion root is cytotoxic for 3 types of leukemia cells, and it could destroy more than 96% of the cells after being consumed for only two days.

Many people actually question these claims, so Caroline Hamm and oncologist has tried this remedy. She has used this remedy for treatment of patient that suffered from myelomonocytic leukemia, which is very aggressive type of leukemia. Once the treatment began, the progress of the disease reverted and was advised to turn into natural treatments instead of chemotherapy. The results have shown remarkable results. The patient was consuming tea of dandelion root and refused to continue with the chemotherapy.

Dandelion tea is amazing because it acts very quickly and destroys the cancerous cells. Also it doesn’t affect the healthy cells that are formed in the patient.

Dr. Hamm decided to consult with SiryaramPandey, a biochemist from the University of Windsor, who did research on the blood cells of nine different patients that have been consuming dandelion extract. He has actually found that the cancerous cells have been destroyed in less than 24 hours.

Dandelion root extract is actually amazing active ingredient that is extremely effective against cancer, melanoma, more specifically breast and prostate cancer.

It is important to mention that this extract has been used since ancient times due to the health benefits it provides.