Just a Tablespoon of This Detox Mixture Can Empty Your Bowel in 2 Minutes!

Many of us struggle with stomach swelling and congestion due to the led hectic lifestyle. Therefore, our bowel has to be emptied on a daily basis so that it works accordingly. What we eat very much reflects on our health and the way we look. We have to take good care of our digestive system as it is very delicate and complex, and if its work is imbalanced then our body cannot receive the nutrients thus worsening our overall health and well-being.

If our digestion is negatively impacted, then a buildup of toxins will occur in our body thereby causing a variety of different health issues. Because of that a healthy diet is a must and performing a regular body cleaning at least two times per year. Only in this way, we can prevent the buildup of toxic substances into our body hence preventing many health concerns.

We have an incredible body detox mixture that will quickly and efficiently empty your bowels in just 2 minutes.

Recipe for Bowel Cleanse

Required Ingredients:

  • 5 oz plums
  • 5 oz dates
  • 5 cups water

Method of Preparation:

First boil the water in a pot, and when it reaches boiling point include the remaining ingredients. Then, simmer for 15 minutes, remove it from heat and leave it to cool off.


The recommended dosage is 1 tablespoon of this mixture each morning on an empty stomach. Taking this miraculous mixture will help you to feel better and fix numerous digestive issues like constipation. Likewise, it will improve your digestion due to the high fiber content.