Did You Know That Cat Licks Can Be Very Dangerous for Your Health! Here’s Why…

If the title has caused interest in you, then follow reading and find out why cat licks are extremely dangerous.

Janese Walters is an owner of cat who lives in Ohio. She loved her cat and allowed her to lick her face. Suddenly, unexpectedly she lost her eyesight on one eye.

Here it is what Mrs. Walters says on this issue: “I woke up the next day and I could not see through my left eye. I thought I had conjunctivitis.” She went immediately to see her doctor who sent her to hospital on further examinations. After many examinations the doctors found out that she had suffered from an infection called “cat scratch”. It turns out that her beloved cat has transmitted her disease known as “cat scratch “. This disease commonly triggers inflammation of the blood vessels and eye infection. This condition cannot be treated.

In the case of Janese, her cat carried a bacterium in the saliva which can also be present in the animals’ fur. Unfortunately for Janese, she experienced the worst scenario as the bacterium can stay in the liver, causing a collapse of the blood vessels of the eye or even cause meningitis.

Easily Transmitted Disease

The “cat scratch” disease can be easily transmitted by home cats; even 40% of the cats can for sure transmit this disease. According to the Center for Disease Control this disease is harmless to cats, however extremely dangerous to humans.

Have in Mind

Always wash your hands after you have played with your cats. Do not allow them to lick your face and by no means if you have an open wound.

Janese feels grateful that her condition did not reach the highest level as she says, “I am lucky. It could have been transmitted to my other eye.”