Did You Know These Leaves can Treat High Blood Pressure, Kidney and Liver Intoxication?

Diseases are always the order of the day. If we don’t get sick from one thing, we get sick from another. And the environment we are surrounded may be infected with many bacteria and germs.

This is why our body is in a constant battle to be able to stay healthy. Now, you can help it if you take advantage of the medicinal properties of nature, especially the properties of avocado leaves.

Many fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals that promote good health. Of course, not only fruits have the ability to keep you healthy, plants can also do so. This is the case of avocado. Many people are in a dilemma if the avocado is fruit or vegetable. It is good that it belongs to the group of nuts.

Infusion of avocado leaves

A wonderful way in which you can use the avocado plant to fight diseases, is as tea. Its leaves are rich in beneficial properties for health. Among other things, the infusion of avocado leaf serves to combat the disorders listed below:

– High blood pressure
– Renal intoxication
– Hepatic poisoning
– Irregular menstrual cycle
– Symptoms of menopause
– Digestive disorder
– Combats dry skin
– Toothache
– Diseases of the inflammatory type

On the other hand, this tea also works as a powerful natural anti-inflammatory and diuretic agent. The latter property helps you keep your body free of the toxins that are stored in it. In other words, it cleanses your body of toxins. If you want to take advantage of its properties, it is recommended to consume 4 cups of this infusion during the day, and one last cup just before bed.

Do not waste more time and start today to drink this delicious infusion that you will not regret.