Do You Know What Each Mole on Your Body Means? Knowing the Difference Could Save Your Life

The biggest organ of the body is the skin. This organ is actually undergoing damages on daily basis such as blisters, bruises, cuts, and burns. Even though it is the most exposed organ of the body it is able to heal on its own in order to protect us.

People that have freckles, birthmarks, and moles are perceived from people as something that is not as dangerous and harmful. In fact, these freckles, birthmarks, and moles could be a sign that your body is not in perfect condition, and due to these reasons it is important to be able to determine the difference between moles and whether it is something you need to worry about. You should know the skin ABCDE rule, and here are some more details in regards to this:

A is for Asymmetry

If you are having benign mole it should be relatively balanced and asymmetric. In case of malignant type of mole it will have irregular shape just like the picture on the right.

B for border

Moles that aren’t cancerous will have clearly defined outlines and smooth edges. If you have melanomas it will be in form of blurred and unequal borders

C for color

Moles have one color which ranges from tan to brown. In case you have developed melanomas it will have other colors as well or shades. It is very easy to identify them.

D for size

Benign moles often appear on the skin in small sizes (i.e. they are not bigger than pencil’s eraser). In case you notice that some of the moles are actually growing larger you will need to visit your doctor immediately in order to get proper treatment because it is a sign of melanoma.

E for evolving

In case your moles are changing in size, color, or shape you should visit your doctor immediately in order to avoid further complications. Often these changes are sign of melanoma.