Did You Know That the Protein in Sweet Potato Can Destroy Several Types of Cancer Cells!?

Sweet potato is not only delicious food, but it is also a super food thanks to its incredible anti-cancer qualities which are acquired from a unique protein contained in it. To be more specific, 80% of sweet potato protein is a pro tease inhibitor type with potent anti-cancer properties.

In the beginning, these potato’s proteins were tested against leukemia in a petri dish where it showed subdued development in leukemia cells.

Sweet Potato Protein entrance into the blood stream

Most of the proteins that enter the stomach, the body absorbs them. To be sure that the sweet potato protein is absorbed the researchers did a test on the tongue cancer cells as there the proteins will inevitable touch our mouth.

The protein of sweet potatoes minimized in vitro cancer viability in just couple of days, which lead to a conclusion that sweet potatoes may be beneficial for patients suffering from tongue cancer.

Having in mind the fact that patients with tongue cancer are commonly treated with the harmful chemotherapy, and chemo drugs leaving them adverse effects, this revelation was crucial as searching for healthy alternative therapeutic techniques is highly needed.

Further on, this protein was tested on 9 women struggling with advanced cervical cancer. In two cases the protein survived the digestion and went into the blood stream. After that, the protein was tested against the most dangerous type of cancer, colorectal cancer where it showed incredible results. It inhibited the cancer growth and lowered the cancer spread. All this is just another confirmation of the amazing cancer remedy potential of sweet potatoes.